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Patrick Chan Summer News Update, July 4, 2017

Patrick Chan talking about his home country in the video "My Canada" 7-1-17
Last updated: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

As summer temperatures heat up, Patrick works hard and plays hard! See what he is doing for fun and why he loves Canada below!

Recently, several photos of him from past events were posted on social media, so keep checking this fan site for more updates to past blog posts. Thanks for visiting, and please share this site with other Pchiddy fans!


July 5: Training the Quad Flip

It wasn’t too long ago (in February, to be exact) that Patrick’s coach Oleg Epstein thought that he could learn another quad, but Patrick didn’t think it was necessary (link). Well, it looks like his quadruple flip is set to become a reality! As mentioned in this interview with Coach Tom Zakrajsek of Colorado Springs:

… I recently began collaborating with Marina Zoueva on several of her skaters, I am working with Patrick on his jump technique and consistency, as well as a quad flip. This experience has been invaluable to Max, who has said, “I watched Patrick train like a beast, so I must, too.”

Go, you beastly Blackbird!

Relaxing During Stars On Ice


July 3: Housewarming Crew


July 1: Canada Day

Patrick was a bit late to the posting, but his affection for his country was evident as he even sang “Happy Birthday” on video!

Happy 150th Anniversary

Patrick sings in 0:15 of the video – so cute!


Patrick’s Canada

Patrick: Being Canadian means being proud of who I am and wherever I come from, wherever my parents came from. We… I was born in Canada, being first-generation Chinese-Canadian is a huge honor, and it just shows that no matter where you come from, you can have the most success you ever wanted… if you put your mind to it, and you put in a lot of hard work. And so, it’s been a great, crazy journey, and to be able to have the maple leaf on my back… going to wherever I go around the world… I always feel like there’s something I can go back to that feels like home.

[He speaks the next part in French. Thanks to 4everchan for the following summary!

“To see thousands of people share the passion I have had since I was a child… it’s a very special moment, to have a dream, to have the chance to skate in front of everyone on TV or at the rink… it’s a very special moment and to see everyone have that same passion is really a moment that I had dreamed about since I was a child.”]

Those moments, those memorable moments always seem to be at the Olympics. My most memorable one is probably at the Sochi games, when I was catching the women’s gold medal game against the U.S., and we had almost the entire figure skating team and others at sports, but Canadians, and we all were there together and we were, we went… talk about roller coaster of emotions, we went from being extremely disappointed and frustrated because of the deficit that we had going into the last period to nailbiting, pure joy and excitement… and to do it with a family, and have the sense of camaraderie like that, it’s… I’ve never felt something like that, so that was extremely special and… and what you see, the pictures and the videos you see of that day, or that game is genuine, just genuine emotion and love for the sport.


June 29: Bone Health Research Study

Yes, this is what Patrick is doing in his spare time this summer and for the next two years. Read more about this research study on athlete bone and joint health here. I have no doubt he will take good care of himself for the Olympics and beyond!


June 28: Vancouver Gets Ready for the 2018 Nationals

Last time, Patrick was a teen when he won in Vancouver… how time flies!


June 26: Analyzing Patrick’s Sit Spin

Here’s a Japanese video analyzing Patrick’s uniquely styled sit spins from his 2016 Grand Prix Final short program, “Blackbird”. See my blog post about his GPF SP here!


June 25: Drivin’ on the Weekend

What does Patrick do for fun on a Sunday? Why, drive a friend around town in his GTR, of course! This car is a keeper! Read more about how he acquired Paul Walker’s car on my blog post here.

Thanks for the ride @pchan31 , never been as fast !!! 🏎

A post shared by louis_thauron (@louis_thauron) on

Some recent photos of Patrick’s car (scroll through) taken in Bloomfield Township, Michigan:


June 23: Olympic Day

That’s it for now! Keep checking back for my updates on Patrick’s pre-Olympic summer! Just 7 months to Pyeongchang… Go Patrick!


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