Patrick Chan Coloring Pages

Here’s a gift to my readers and all fans of Patrick Chan – coloring pages! These were created using LunaPic from photos I purchased for this site. I will add more images on this page during the new year. Please enjoy and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions! As always, thank […]

Figure Skater’s Olympic Geopolitical Advantage Calculator*

Due to various factors such as political alliances, citizenship, ethnicity and other strategic relationships, every figure skater goes to the Olympics with certain intangible advantages and disadvantages that may influence judging and affect their final scoring and rank. What’s your favorite skater’s geopolitical advantage? Calculate it using my Olympic Geopolitical Advantage Calculator! If you don’t […]


When I went on Twitter in January 2016, I did it with the sole purpose of wanting to send Patrick some encouragement. He had had a rough and tumble comeback season, with the triumph of Skate Canada followed by despair at the Grand Prix Final. I thought maybe if I sent him some motivational quotes […]