Twitter Stats

Last updated: Monday, December 12, 2016


On this page I keep track of changes in Patrick’s Twitter stats. When I started following Patrick on Twitter in January 2016, I believe he had 67,000+ followers and followed 90 accounts.

After the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships in Boston, I noticed he reached 70,000 followers on Twitter by April 16.

When I saw his profile on May 5, I noticed he was now following 91 accounts – I had to look a few times to make sure my eyes (and brain) were not deceiving me. Indeed, he had added a new followee.

On June 17, he announced that he uses Leave a Trace to book travel, so naturally he added them to his following list as well.

Following is a table of changes, from April 2016:

DateTweetsFollowingNew FollowingFollowers
April 28, 20171,19210577.9K
January 22, 20171,17910574K
December 12, 20161,174105@LCBO
October 19, 20161,16610070.6K
September 23, 20161,162100@kanamuramoto3370.6K
August 28, 20161,15799@AppleNews70.6K
August 12, 20161,14698@MarthMcC70.5K
August 10, 20161,1389770.5K
August 6, 20161,13397@overholtemily70.3K
August 2, 20161,12696@Adaripp (Adam Rippon)70.3K
July 23, 20161,12095@Ballslene
July 16, 20161,1189370.1K
July 4, 20161,1179370.2K
June 22, 20161,11494@PennyCoombes70.1K
June 17, 20161,11293@leaveatrace_co70.2K
June 16, 20161,11192@DaytonDavis70.2K
May 5, 2016Not available91@jfmenardkambiop70K+
April 16, 2016Not available90N/A70,000!