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Patrick Chan Olympic News (Part 3), Golden February 2018

Last updated: Monday, February 19, 2018


With the team event victory behind him, gold medalist Patrick had one last event to compete in – the individual competition! Despite the tough competition, he did his best and ended a spectacular career with his head held high.

This is Part 3 of my blog posts detailing Patrick’s third and final Olympic journey. Read Part 1 here and about his team event victory in Part 2 here. Keep checking back for more updates as they come!


February 17: After the Competition

Patrick introduced his girlfriend, Elizabeth (Liz) and met with fans! Some highlights from the interview below:

Patrick Introduces His Girlfrend

Patrick: This is Elizabeth Putnam. She did pairs for a long time, and she was on the national team, and has been such a crucial part of my team of coaches and family and close ones to get me to where I am today.

Heather: And a relationship for how long, Elizabeth?

Liz: Still fairly new.

Patrick: New, yeah, but it’s felt like it’s been forever.

Liz: We have known each other for a long time but…

Patrick: Since the days of the Cricket Club… She was a beautiful pairs skater with Sean Wirtz, and of course like, way above my league as well. (laughs)

Heather: So how did you reconnect romantically?

Patrick: Luckily with touring and with Stars On Ice and being able to travel across Canada. I kind of fell in love with Vancouver, and then fell in love with someone in Vancouver. It’s just nice to have a partner in life to enjoy the beautiful things that Canada has to offer.

Heather (asking about Patrick’s last skate): Talk to me like a girlfriend talking, what it was like.

Liz: My heart was in my throat and I was just so proud and absolutely just honored to be here, and what an amazing experience to share this together, and just watching someone you love doing what they love and doing it so well is just something that’s absolutely unforgettable and…

Heather: You got to have Valentine’s Day here together and…

Patrick: Yeah, we went to the beach and had dinner at the beach, it was nice.

Heather: So the future, might you be part of skating together?

Patrick: Absolutely, yeah. I think we have such a great team of coaches in mind, and thanks to Liz, what we want to share and welcome is a loving group of coaches, and a group of coaches that want to be there, and want to work together.

We’re the fun-loving people who enjoy BC for what it is and we just want to bring positive energy. I think we’ve seen great examples with Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson. That’s kind of our inspiration moving forward.

Heather: Beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of smile in this boy’s face, and I think you got a wonderful future ahead. I see Grouse Grind in your future.

Patrick: Yes, we’ve already done it!

Fan Photos


February 16-17: Free Skating Competition

Congratulations to Patrick for completing his competitive journey (and landing a 3A)! Now on to a new journey!

Scores and Ranks

What Patrick Said About It

Comments on Patrick’s Performance and Career

So many inspired people thanked Patrick for all his years of service skating for Canada!

Long Program Photos

Kiss and cry:

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End of the program:

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Competition Articles

Group 4 Warm Up

Pre-Competition Practice

Pre-Competition Support

A Learning Experience to Grow – Video

Pushing His Limits

Pre-Competition Articles

Free Skate Order, Planned Content, and Schedule


February 15-16: Happy Chinese New Year and Short Program Competition!
Meeting Up with Han Yan

Men’s Draw with Keegan
Short Program Videos

Wonderful fancam showing everything from the opposite side:

Scores and Results

What Patrick Said About It

I don’t believe that for a second, Pchiddy…

Patrick’s trying stand-up comedy…

Short Program Photos and GIFs

Comments About the SP

Lucky Pchiddy!

First Short Program Warm Up

Beginning of “Dust in the Wind”

SP Order:

Equipe Canada Video

Patrick’s New Life Philosophy – Video

“So going into Pyeongchang, my approach is different than the approach I had going into Sochi. Honestly, the last two Olympics I’d been to in Vancouver and Sochi… I competed with fear and with trying to be defensive like I had something protect as opposed to going out and attacking and giving it 110% and not having fear of making mistakes.

One of the main things I experienced is I noticed my perspective changed. Skating back then was running my life, whereas as now skating is a part of my life. If an opportunity comes for me, I’m going to take it.

If a mistake happens, that’s fine, just keep moving on. I have so many other great opportunities to look forward to in skating and outside of skating combined, and that’s probably the funnest thing about the future ahead.

Equipe Canada French Video

Phil Hersh Discusses Patrick – Article

“I am never going to look at Patrick as anything but a three-time world champion who was the first man to do beautiful skating and multiple quads,” said four-time world champion and fellow Canadian Kurt Browning. “He was alpha dog for a long time.”

“He wanted to be remembered for all time,” Browning said. “I think he will be remembered that way, but this still isn’t quite what he saw for himself.”

“Looking back to the summer when I was struggling and then after Skate Canada, the national title and the stages of making the team and doing the team event seemed so daunting and so far away,” Chan said.
“Now I’m standing here after all that. I’ve survived.”

“Patrick will never be known for his quads, even as fantastic as they were,” Browning said. “He will be known as one of the greatest ice skaters the sport had ever seen.”

Air Canada Article

“Ice, Sweat and Tears” Video

Chinese New Year Card

Here’s what I sent Patrick:


February 14: Seen Out and About
With Other Athletes

Patrick at Morning Practice
Patrick’s Quads Are Faster…


February 13: Chat With PM, Autographed Jackets, Formula 1 and Men’s Draw

Win an Autographed Jacket
Patrick Visits WADA

Here, he looked so much younger!

Patrick Loves Formula One

No surprise here, as we know Patrick likes fast cars

Roger Federer’s always been… almost a hero and somebody I can’t believe exists. To see him win the Australian Open is… That’s mind-blowing. It just… gives me hope. In a world of figure skating now, where the young guns are coming up and really making a mark in the sport.

Sport I would pick if I wasn’t figure skating if I could pick any, would be probably Formula One. I’m a huge car enthusiast. Just the energy around Formula One racing it’s… a very quirky world.


#Someday Playlist

Patrick’s French is perfectly understandable…

No rest for “Peter Chan”?

When you are the Olympic champion, old schools want people to know that you attended them…


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