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Patrick Chan News, March 2018

Last updated: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Patrick has had some rest and fun, even as he prepares for his future. Here’s a roundup of March happenings, including interviews, fan sightings, appearances and more!

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March 31: The Legends Continues

More of the colorful men:


March 30: The Legends Tour Japan

Patrick commenced his exciting Stars On Ice tour in Osaka! Javier Fernandez and Nathan Chen introduced him before he skated “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”!

Photo session:

Colorful bunch!

Cast on the ice:

Yes, he really did play a prank on Javi…

But they hugged…

Patrick also introduced “quad king” Nathan:


Show time! Medal Winners Gala🎶⛸🌟🔥💞

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Fan Feedback

Practice On Ice

Shopping for Rice Balls

A favorite Japanese food!

SOI Japan Poster


March 29: Blast from the Past: Edea Photo


March 25: Juno Awards Appearance

Patrick and girlfriend Liz walked the red carpet at the Juno Awards in Vancouver today! Apparently it was a last-minute decision on their part to attend, and yes, Patrick brought the gold medal with him to a “totally different world”, as he called it!

[When asked what do Canadians drink the most]

Patrick: Wine?

Reporter: It’s fruit juice.

Patrick: This is my girlfriend, Liz.

To be honest, this is a total last-minute thing and we’re so surprised to be here… Yeah, we got our wardrobe ready yesterday and everything has been last-minute so… we don’t know what to expect but we’re looking forward to it.

You know what? I love everything about Vancouver and I know this is a big event for the city and for fans here, so I think to be a part of it is really cool.

It’s a totally different world for us. We’re from the figure skating world and… but obviously we know Michael Buble and Bare Naked Ladies and… so many amazing artists that come from Canada that need exposure and this is great for them.


March 22: Gracious and Unassuming


March 20: TV Interviews and the RBC Gold Medal Vault
Where Do Olympic Gold Medals Go?

To the vault, of course!

Some fan comments:

CP24 Interview

CTV Interview

Good morning, thanks for having me.

I feel great. I feel so relaxed and so happy with the results in Korea, and to come home to Canada and to feel the overwhelming support and just the constant support has been… I really felt it this time, more so than the last two Olympics.

Yeah, I really didn’t have a plan after Sochi, and I really didn’t have a thought about post-games, and I didn’t really want to make that same mistake because then I’m in a bit of a limbo. So I really wanted to have a clear idea of what I wanted to do. You never know, maybe I’ll come back in another sport or something, I keep everything open, options open, you never know what can happen, and… But I was just looking forward to coming back home to Canada after spending seven years in the U.S. training. I just… that’s the first step I wanted to take, was just to come home.

[Asked about his real estate license.]

Yeah, that’s one part of it amongst many, many things and I’ve just recently go my coaching certification and just little things, and just keeping myself busy. None of it means anything or any sort of commitment to any career, but it’s way too soon to make that decision so for now I just want to broaden my mind and start becoming a sponge again and learning.

[Has he been on the ice since the Olympics?]

A little bit. I’m here in Toronto working with David Wilson my choreographer on a short program for Stars On Ice that will be going across Canada in May and it’s been nice to be back on the ice with a different type of mentality and a little more focus on just having fun and I’m going back to the roots of why I started skating.

It will be around 21 years of skating since the day I started.

Luckily it (the Olympics) is in four years, so I’ll hopefully be in a whole different mode and a whole different career at that point. It will always be tough, though. It will always be tough for me to be on the other side of it and watching the Olympics. We’re all so competitive as Olympic athletes and you want to be in that competitive environment, but I know I’ll be competitive in another world or another career and I’m looking forward to it.

They each have their own. They each have their moment. Sochi, I remember the experience of spending it with my teammates and having the inaugeral team event. But I have to say, after coming back from Sochi and then all of us making that collective agreement that we would come back in Korea and win the team event and beat the Russians and beat the Americans… that was an amazing feeling to come out on top and to have done it with such a beautiful group of people who are also not only teammates but friends. It’s a special, special moment and a first for Canada.

Thank you, I really appreciate it. Talk soon.

Your Morning Interview

Patrick: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

It was a wonderful experience. Really, the third time around, I was able to take the time to enjoy it and be a little more aware of my surroundings and aware of how I should take my time to look around and enjoy it.

The first two times were so… they went by so fast, and rushed through the experience and… this third time was wonderful and Korea did a great job hosting us.

So Sochi was the first Olympics that had the team event and we got a silver medal out of that event and after Sochi we all kind of decided collectively that if we came back for a third games, or some of us, our second, that we would commit and really commit to the fact that we wanted to win a gold medal in the team event, because we have such a strong team and a very, very successful team that was able to win.

It really did. And maybe because some of the NHL hockey players weren’t there, we drew a little more attention to the team event. And we have such a great group and great characters on the team and we made the best out of it and we really embraced the moment and embraced every performance that we shared together.

There’s a big challenge in figure skating is getting past the fear of making a mistake because all eyes are on us. There’s no one else on the ice, everybody’s watching us, and having that confidence and that drive to just go for it, it’s… I think it teaches you a lot to just push through the fear and sometimes you’re going to land, sometimes you’re going to fall, but that’s kind of part of the process of being successful in the end.

Interviewer: Is there such a thing as falling with grace?

Patrick: Yeah, figure skaters do it all the time!

Great question. This time around I’ve set a lot of opportunities up for after my career, my competitive career. I’ve been able to transition into my real life better than I did after Sochi, and I’ve had tremendous support from all my friends, my family, all the Canadian support throughout the years and… being with RBC since 2012 is so helpful to have the RBC Olympian program where we get to shadow in the workforce, and that type of program really helps us transition. Not just myself but other Olympians who are medalists. Some aren’t, but what a great program for us to help us transition into real life.

[Reporter asks about Scott Moir.]

Patrick: Yeah, giving him some side eye.

You know, I’ve known Scott for so long and it’s not any different than normal. He’s always had so much energy, and it comes to hockey you just let him do his thing and he gets very passionate about it, but what a great time we had.

One thing that the Olympics have taught me is that… in this third time around is to not look that far ahead and plan that far, four years ahead, five years ahead. I just take it step by step. First was establishing myself in Vancouver, because I love that, what a beautiful place to live and second of all, just… okay, what’s the next step, what kind of… maybe going to school, maybe getting a degree, maybe working in the work force, somehow getting involved in that sort of thing and… If I like it, great, I’ll keep going that way. If I don’t, then I’ll just try and find something else, but all I know is that I’ll take it step by step and not get too far ahead of myself.

Appreciate it, thank you.

CTV Saskatoon Interview

Patrick: Good morning, thanks for having me.

Yeah, I had three weeks to have it sink in and it’s been a wonderful ride. I mean, the support, I mean the medal’s great but coming home to Canada hearing the support from pedestrians and anyone, everyday come running into people and the support across Canada has been wonderful, and it really makes me so proud to be Canadian.

[About the world championships?]

Normally, it would but this time around, I’ve really been able to let go, and I really made that next step to moving on and really remembering all the opportunities and the experiences I’ve had in figure skating and I’ve won my fair share of world championships so missing one isn’t going to hurt me, so I’m just looking forward to be home and to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

[About Stars On Ice?]

Well, it’s a great cast. The whole Team Canada cast that won the team event will be there and we’re looking forward to skating on Canadian ice once again with this gold medal around all of our necks and… Tessa and Scott off of an amazing career, and we have just a wonderful cast and it’s going to be once again choreographed by Jeff Buttle and we’re very much looking forward to that and it’s nice to be home and to share, kind of riding off that high of the Olympics and kind of sharing it with everyone else.

That’s right, yes, so please send all your videos. All it takes is five seconds, super casual, nothing serious. We just want to get the audience involved. We want to be able to connect with you guys and… it’s all thanks to you. You guys played a big role in all of our careers, so we’re just trying to include everyone.

[What’s next for him – coach or choreographer?]

It’s a possibility, coach or choreographer – I just got my certification to finally be able to coach and I’m very much looking forward to that. I’ve been lucky enough to have RBC to help me and they’re going to be able to help me move on, and they’ve helped many, many Olympians get into the workforce in the financial sector and maybe even get into the real estate side of it, but really, my options are open and that’s the beauty of it all, is that I can now pick and choose and experiment, and once again absorb and be a sponge and learn.

[Asks if they can hit the ice together?]

Yes, I’d love that. I would give you a 15-minute lesson.

Thank you so much, my pleasure.

CTV Regina Interview

Hi, good thanks. Yeah, it was a wonderful experience having all those results behind me, having such an amazing career going into Pyeongchang kind of gave me the… made me able to relax and really take it for what it is, enjoy it as as third Olympics. I was really able to just take a moment every day and look around me and not get so wound up in the whole Olympic circus. I really did enjoy it, and I got to come home with a gold medal that… my first gold medal as a bonus and it’s just been such a wonderful experience.

It’s definitely a retirement from the Olympics in figure skating and I’ve always told myself, especially this year, I’ve learned to not plan things too far ahead because you really never know what can happen. Maybe I’ll turn around and become another Olympic athlete in another sport, so I always keep the doors open and I love sports, I love what it’s done for me and my life, where it’s given me so many opportunities, so I’m just excited to explore other chances and other opportunities.

For me this time around in Korea, walking out in the opening ceremonies in the front line with… behind Tessa and Scott and being with other legendary Olympians that have been in the Olympics for many, many times and to be considered as one of the veterans is quite an achievement in of itself. I love the spirit, I love going to the athletes’ lounge and running into other Olympians that have been to multiple Oylmpics with me, and just feeling like at home. The first two Olympics felt foreign to me. This third one just felt comfortable. It felt like putting on a comfortable shoe.

Leading into these Olympic I had a feeling and I needed to have an idea of what I was going to do after these games. I didn’t have that plan going into Sochi and that’s why it was a bit up in the air after the Olympics in Sochi, not knowing if I wanted to continue or not. So going into Pyeongchang I really wanted to have at least an idea of a certain type of plan going kind of set in place post-Pyeongchang. I’m just executing it now, taking my time doing that and going along with medal around my neck and having fun and sharing my experiences with the rest of Canada.

Great question. A few things, I mean I’ve got my coaching certification which was a good first step. Being a figure skater, I should have that in order to have that tool to share to other generations if they want, and I have that capability now. I have also support from great sponsors like RBC. They’ve been helpful, of course, in my competitive career, but beyond that, I think that’s the beauty of RBC. They’ve just been able to open so many doors for me. I want to visit going to finance, the finance world, going to the real estate world, experience everything, just take it in as a sponge, just like I did when I was a kid learning skating and learning about Olympic sports. I’m just absorbing everything and I love doing that so I’m just going to be doing that outside of the athletic world.

[Message to Canadians who followed his journey?]

Omigosh, thank you so much for every minute of your support and I’ve never felt this overwhelming support ever in my career. But coming back from Pyeongchang, hearing people come up to me on the street or at the grocery store, it’s honestly a beautiful thing and it makes me so proud to be Canadian. I’ve had such a wonderful time being a Canadian athlete and being supported by Canadians across Canada.

Thank you so much.

CTV Calgary Interview


March 18: Patrick Sightings

Patrick was spotted out and about in Toronto today!


March 17: St. PATRICK’s Day and David Wilson

Haha, Patrick playing the old-fashioned gentleman leprechaun!

Patrick with David Wilson:

Fans wish Patrick a happy St. Patrick’s Day

Fan Appreciation Comments of the Day


March 14: Toronto Maple Leafs Game

Next, Patrick went east to Toronto, where he made an appearance at another hockey game with Gabby!

Take a bite of that gold medal!

And I agree with this tweet!


March 10: Patrick Thrills Another Young Fan


March 9: Another Canucks Game Appearance and Interview

Patrick: It was unique. I mean, the Olympic Games is a wonderful experience and it was my third time going and I really wanted to embrace the moment, and the last two times I was, I think, a little caught up in the results and didn’t really have time to look around and enjoy myself, so I did this time, yeah.

It was special to finally get the gold medal. It’s… to equate all that hard work into one piece of metal is ridiculous but it’s also amazing, it’s such an experience. It was a blast to have won it with the team. I’ve always dreamed to win or participate in a team event because in figure skating it’s just you, so I wanted to go to my hockey roots and win as a team, and I think we did.

I’m coming to Vancouver. I’m from Toronto, but I’m coming to Vancouver, it’s a great city and I love it, so yeah. (cheers from the crowd)

Fan Appreciation Comments of the Day


March 7: Patrick Signs on with a Modeling Agency!

Appreciation Comments of the Day


March 5: Pchiddy and Elevators


March 4: Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Game

Patrick and other Olympians made a special appearance at BC Place, where the Vancouver Whitecaps opened the 2018 Major League Soccer season with a win against the Montreal Impact. Patrick was grinning as he showed off his gold medal to the crowd!


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