Multilingual Patrick

Patrick is multilingual and speaks English, French, and Cantonese, as well as a little Mandarin Chinese. Below is a list of video and audio of him speaking other languages.


Patrick saying Happy New Year on Skating China montage: Video

Patrick promoting the 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario: Video

Patrick’s interview with Hi-Liter, a Vancouver Cantonese radio station show: Podcast

Patrick learning to say the commercial tagline for A-Sports: Video

Patrick says “Thank you” in Cantonese: Video

Patrick says his name in Cantonese: Video

Patrick says “I love figure skating” in Cantonese and French: Video


2016 Interview with Patrick by junior skater Gray: Video

2016 Interview with Patrick about his upgraded free program: Video

2016 Interview about his Stars on Ice show in Ottawa: Video (second one in article)

2012 Interview with PJ Kwong before leaving for Nice: Video

2012 Interview after the short program at the World Championships: Video

2012 Patrick accepting the Lauréat Prix John Ralston Saul: Video

Patrick’s post-short program interview at Worlds 2012: Video

2012 Patrick’s video for Patinage Canada: Video

2012 Montage of Patrick’s interviews in French: Video

2011 Interview with PJ Kwong: Video

2010 Interview after Skate Canada free program: Video

2010 Skate Canada Pre-Short Program interview: Video

2010 World Championships post-EX interview: Video

2010 Interview with Patrick at McDonald’s: Video

2009 Interview at the High Performance Camp: Video

2009 Interview after Four Continents Championships free program: Video

2009 Interview with Patrick about his ordeal with the flu: Video

Patrick says “I love figure skating” in Cantonese and French: Video


Patrick saying “thank you” at the 2016 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships: Link

Patrick introduces himself in Mandarin: Video