About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Vivley (Viv for short), also known as @PCSkatingFan on Twitter (PC Skating Fan = “Patrick Chan Skating Fan”).

I’m a writer, singer, and marketer who grew up watching various Olympic sports such as gymnastics, diving, ski jumping and figure skating. Some of my favorite skaters were Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, Michelle Kwan, Paul Wylie, Elvis Stojko, Torvill and Dean, etc. Then I gradually lost interest in the sport during the 2000s.

Even though I am not Canadian, I know several Canadians, including my sister-in-law, two colleagues, my next-door neighbor (all from Vancouver), my choir director and another fellow singer (from Edmonton and Toronto). Besides, I’ve always liked and felt an affinity with Canadians. Ironically, so far only one of my Canadian friends have heard of Patrick – I’ve been the first one to tell them about him! Like me, most of them used to love figure skating, but then for various reasons they stopped keeping up with the sport.

As a relatively new fan of Patrick Chan (since October 2015), I may not know as much about him as some of his long-time fans. Nevertheless, I believe that I became a fan at just the right time, albeit in a strange way. You see, I’m a storyteller. One night, when I was working on a story, to my surprise the main characters revealed that they were figure skaters. Afterwards, when I listened to Rachmaninoff’s Elegie Op. No. 1 on my music player I thought it would make a great piece of music for a skater. Surely several had already performed it! I searched YouTube and found only Patrick’s magnificent 2013 short program at TEB. From then on, I was hooked.

Honestly, Patrick’s dramatic comeback year overshadowed any fiction I could write, so right now my original story lies unfinished on my hard drive. But another one has sprung up in its place, thanks to him! In the meantime, I enjoy collecting all the little bits and pieces of information and media about him that I can find, and I want to house them on this site as a simple tribute to him.

Want to share your Chantastic fan experiences or media here? Contact me at viv @ pcskatingfan.com. Thank you so much for stopping by!