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Patrick Chan Pre-Olympic News, Jan-Feb 2018

Last updated: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Here’s a roundup of all the Pchiddy news happening between Nationals and the Olympics!

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February 4: Off to Pyeongchang!

Takahashi’s Thoughts on Patrick

Articles About Patrick

Direct article link: (link)

“I’ve really learned, if anything, to embrace every single day that I get the chance to come in and train and skate and do something I’m good at,” Chan said, “and that feels great to do.”

Chan said he has plenty of opportunities for after skating, but he isn’t ready to turn his attention to them quite yet. Not with the Pyeongchang Olympics beginning next week.

“Whether I take those or don’t take those, they’re all there and they’re available and kind of waiting their turn,” he said. “I’m going about one goal at a time, the Olympics and then who knows? I can’t even tell you what I want for worlds. Nobody is discussing it. We’re all in the same boat, just focused on the games, because that is the biggest event of the season.”


February 3: Three Olympics

Make a wish, Patrick!

🇨🇦 3 Olympic Years Old 🇨🇦

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Harper’s Bazaar Thinks Patrick is Japanese


February 2: Last Practice Before Pyeongchang

A genuine smile with a mustache!

Interview with CTV Edmonton

CTV Edmonton interviewed both Kaetlyn and Patrick during Kaetlyn’s sendoff party! See the video here (video link)!

Adam Cook: You must have had some people say to you, “what are you doing going to Edmonton?”

Patrick (laughs): Yeah, it’s different.

Adam Cook: This will be Chan’s third and final trip. He will retire after the Olympics, and he made a surprising late-season decision to change coaches, leaving his training base in Michigan to move west and work with local coach Ravi Walia.

Patrick: It’s not just a coach that tells you what to do. That doesn’t work anymore. It’s a coach that you can work with.

Ravi: It was a bit of a surprise. It was only… It was in November and there was only a couple more months before Nationals.

Adam Cook: And that’s where Chan cruised to a 10th Canadian title. A bright spot, during a tumultuous season.

Patrick: You could say at the beginning of the season was… I hit a pretty low period of even considering if I should go for a tenth title or go to the Olympics.

Adam Cook: Walia’s top priority is to reshuffle the jumps in Chan’s programs to maximize points. It’s all about landing the quads in South Korea.

Ravi: Definitely. The quads are very important, and actually, he’s doing them really well right now.

Adam Cook: The relationship is more about providing support at Chan’s finale, and he doesn’t need to look far for further inspiration.

Patrick: Kaetlyn and I… it’s never about words being spoken or specific advice. It’s sometimes just looking over and seeing that somebody else is grinding it out.

Kaetlyn: Seeing him go through it almost makes it feel like I’m not the only one doing it. So it is really motivating.

Adam Cook: Chan has already left a lasting legacy…


January 31: Charity, Photo Shoot and Videos

Airbrushed Patrick in Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine and more factoids about him from Team Canada!

Taking a Moment for Mental Health

Team Canada Video and Photo

In English:

And French:

enRoute Magazine Pics

See the entire magazine here (magazine link)! Patrick appears on pages 51-52, where he talks about his love for Nintendo tournaments and the fact that he liked reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm in high school. Me too, Patrick!

Patrick’s ID on the Olympic Website

No doubt having some deep thoughts…

The Patrick Chan Wine Collection

Some customers already have it!


January 30: Confessions, Legacies, and Favorites

Videos and articles of Patrick talking about his post-Sochi emotions, his legacy as he is set to retire, and his favorite moments and body part!

Hallelujah LP Practice

Coach Ravi just posted a video of Patrick in practice today! Who’s afraid of the jumps now? 🙂


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How Sochi Silver Changed Patrick’s Life

Okay, I admit that I got a little teary-eyed after listening to this…

Patrick: If I had won a gold medal, I would have continued with my life I think down a different path, and having won a silver medal, it taught me that… I went through a phase of anger and resentment and being angry and trying to blame someone or something for not winning a gold medal. And… However, I got through that. And now I’ve… come to peace with it and understand that a silver medal is… that doesn’t matter the color of the medal. It’s the experience and what it has taught me along the way, and I’ve become, I think, a little more capable of letting go of things and… Because that’s something really hard for me personally to let go of.

Embed from Getty Images

So dwelling on the past ended up damaging my… my attitude after the Olympics, even after two silver medals, which is ridiculous. And I’ve now learned to see it in a whole different light. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I really mean that now, that a gold medal wouldn’t have changed a single thing in my career, in my life, or who I am. I think it did me a service actually, more than anything.

Coming back to experience an Olympic games with no fear, no frustration, no anger, no even thought of anything else but me and the ice, and what I’m trying to create out of thin air and…. That’s pretty cool, that’s pretty exciting.

To be honest, IMHO a gold medal would have changed his life drastically in another direction, because North American society is a winner-take-all society. Dilbert creator Scott Adams once said that it wasn’t until his book was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list that he received all kinds of opportunities not open to him when his book was #2. But I agree that getting the silver medals did Patrick a service.

Air Canada Model
Patrick’s Enduring Legacy

Coach Ravi seems to understand that not only is Patrick very analytical (AKA overthinker) but he’s also very hard on himself, too. Hopefully he can encourage Patrick to shut off his brain when on the ice!

“He just generates flow with every single touch of the ice… he just has a different way of creating kinetic energy with his blades. He super strong, he’s just got really dense musculature.” ~Kurt Browning.
Patrick’s Favorite Olympic Moment and Summer Sport

Patrick: My favorite Olympic moment was stepping out in the opening ceremony in Vancouver and in Sochi. Especially Vancouver, being Canadian, and being my first Olympics at 19. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Patrick: If I was a summer Olympian, and maybe a little taller, I would have been in the 100-meter dash I think, and also the 400-meter relay because it’s the most watched… I think, sport in the summer Olympics – the most exciting, it’s the most explosive and dynamic. So, kind of up my alley when it comes to extreme sports.

No volleyball or swimming, Patrick?

Which Part of Pchiddy Does He Like the Best?

Patrick: This… CPU of your entire body.

The Sparkling Wine Is Coming

Japanese Manga Drawing


January 26: Olympic Profile: The Journey

In more subdued and sentimental tones, Patrick expressed his wishes about his legacy and the end of his competitive journey.

Patrick: It’s I think one of the highest forms of honor and responsibility. I… Not only am I representing myself and my country, but I’m also representing what I stand for and the people that have got me to where I am. Without Canada and all of my friends and family and supporters in this country, I wouldn’t make it as far as I have, and I also, I don’t think I would be who I am without some of the experiences and the people I’ve met along the way.

My defining Olympic moment was watching the women’s hockey team in the finals in Sochi beat the US team. And, being there, not the event itself, but being there with my entire team, and I remember there’s that memorable shot of me and Scotty just cheering and yelling our lungs because we… that was the perfect… that was the definition of joy and bliss and just in the moment, being in the present and enjoying the company of family and friends.

…whether I’ve met you or haven’t met you, know that it’s very special that every moment I step on the ice, we can share it together…

This year’s going to be very sentimental, especially with this year’s long program… it’s not a farewell but it’s almost like the greatest highlights of me as a skater, and what I… I’m hoping it’s a reminder of the legacy that I’m leaving behind and the memories I’m going to leave behind and a last taste of the work that I’ve done but also the work that my fellow supporters, whether it’s judges, skaters, coaches, have helped me along the way.

I hope that in these years of watching me skate that I’ve been able to make you feel things that you never thought you could feel and make you see things in a different way, and connect on an emotional level, whether I’ve met you or haven’t met you, know that it’s very special that every moment I step on the ice, we can share it together and connect for a few minutes away from the world that we live in.


January 25: News and Promos
Stars On Ice Promo

Pop Sugar Article

Patrick made it into celebrity blog Pop Sugar! The site usual writes snarky articles about celebrities, but the writer here was wowed by his Hallelujah LP. Go Patrick!

The song already tends to make me shed a few tears on its own, but watching Patrick elegantly glide across the ice with the bare soundtrack playing in the background was enough to make me a blubbering mess.
And the Figure Skating Debate Continues

Blast From the Past


January 24: The Icewine Cometh and No Superstitions Allowed

Patrick was excited to announce the release of his new sparking wine at LCBO stores next month!

No, He No Longer Has Any Superstitions

See the article here (link) or watch the video (with transcript of the parts missing from the article) below.

Patrick: A big thing for me is to embrace the unknown now and embrace, especially in skating how sometimes you could feel great, and you could have some of the worse skates of your life.

When Viewers Stumble on to Patrick


January 23: Gala TV Schedule


January 21: Canadian Olympic Team – 18 Days to Pyeongchang!

-18 to Olympics Skater: @pchan31

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January 20: Fans in Edmonton


January 19: PBHE’s Blade Curvature Gauge Drawing Winners


January 18: Practicing in Edmonton

Thanks to Ravi for bringing us the video below. Those lucky shoppers!


January 17: Back at the Ice Palace


Kidsplaining Figure Skating


Photoshop Humor


January 16: Gifts to a Friend


January 15: Traveling Skaters

Patrick was spotted at the airport!

As for me, I spotted #2 Keegan Messing behind me in customs at YVR, and later he boarded the same flight that I did. I told a family member about his win at Nationals, and he was able to congratulate Keegan at 5 a.m. in the morning!


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