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Patrick Chan 2016 Grand Prix Final: Days 1 and 2

Last updated: Friday, January 19, 2018

*See below for a list of non-muted SP videos.*

2016 Grand Prix Final: Day 2 – Short Program Competition

Woohoo! Patrick did his best, a clean program, and he is now sitting in second place going into the long program competition on Saturday! I did notice a few stylistic changes to his spins and movements. Watch the video:

Other Short Program Videos
English commentary from Universal HD: (Unmuted Video on YouTube)

Japanese commentary (during playback and kiss and cry): (Video)

Mandarin commentary from ELTA: (Video on Dailymotion)

Russian commentary: (Unmuted Video on YouTube)

Entire Mens’ SP with English commentary from Universal HD: (Unmuted Video on YouTube)

Short Program Winners Press Conference

Here’s video of the press conference with Patrick, Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez.

Here’s a transcript of Patrick’s remarks. He seemed tired at the end of the press conference:

Patrick: I felt pretty happy about today’s performance. I went in… it didn’t feel any more special than a usual training day, which was the plan and the goal, it was just to go out and do my job. And… yeah, so it’s a first good short program in a long time internationally, so I’m happy about that, and… Saturday’s another day, so, looking forward to that.

Reporter: Patrick, it’s great to see you back with a 99-point-something short program. You changed coaches, and yet, you found a coach with a dancing background, not only, but also a dancing background. Can you tell us how you expanded your dancing, balletic expression this year, with that training team, coaching team?

Patrick: I think it was actually the opposite. Yeah, I have… I’ve worked with many coaches who… you know, Kathy and Marina, who have a lot of background in artistry and dance, a lot of experience in that world. So…

But actually, When I moved to Canton and started working with Marina and Oleg and Johnny, it was actually about controlling everything, and bringing everything back in, and… All I can think about is like, my jumps, like, being very strong and confident on the landings, and… So becoming a little more technical, and just working on cleaning up the landings and the little details. We work on our spins a lot, and the footwork because, especially in an event now where all the men are now doing many, many, many quads, my way of keeping up, I have to also focus on doing more quads, but also not forgetting the little details, the footwork.

So, today was great, I was able to do a level 4 footwork that was a 3 in the last 2 Grand Prixs. So… that’s the goal at the moment.

Reporter: Patrick, are you planning to do two quads in your short program by the end of the season, or are you waiting?

Patrick: I’m waiting. (laughs) I don’t… I haven’t actually put any thought to it just because I’m… the Grand Prix season goes by very quickly, and there’s not much time between the events, so I haven’t even really thought about it. But I think logically that is the next step, would be to put another quad in the short program. Because with how the long program is set up, I do a quad, axel, and then sal, so it could be very possible to do it in the short program, so it’s a possibility. (grins in Yuzu’s direction)

Reporter: This question is for all the men. With the multiple quads, and seeking level fours on everything, and improving your skating skills, and all of the things you each say you want to work on… Has your discipline reached the point where it’s almost impossible in your training to do everything, that you have to sacrifice one skill for another, and how do you prioritize that?

Patrick: Uh… (big grin) priority right now is just to stay healthy, so (laughs) I come back from competition and just… focus on rest and making sure the body is healthy… because or else I can’t challenge myself to do the quads and the skating skills (nods) and everything.

Yuzuru: I totally agree.

(Patrick laughs)

Javier: Yeah, because we had an age already, right? We’re quite old.

(Patrick nods and grins)

Reporter: Question to all three. You have more experience than younger skaters. Younger skaters must be watching the competitions. What would be the one thing that you can give the good advice to the younger generations?

(Patrick leans on his right arm with his elbow on another chair? as Yuzu responds. He’s probably very tired by now.)

Patrick: (points at Yuzu) What he said. (laughs)

Javier: You don’t wanna… you don’t wanna say anything?

Patrick: (gestures at Yuzu) He said it. He said it.

(Yuzu goes “pshhh” and looks down with a smile, as if he had hardly said anything.)

(Patrick is the first one to get up from the table at the end of the press conference.)

Patrick’s SP Scores

Here are the judges scores (see full scores here):

And a breakdown of scores by judge/country:

Photos and Video Clips from Day 2

From the press conference:

Short program performance photos. See some GIFs of his SP here.

Accolades for Patrick’s Short Program

Some of the very many accolades Patrick received for his short program. To me, this is what it means to win even when you are outscored by your competitor.

Of course, we can’t forget how Pchiddy’s performances affect animals. He’s the perfect blackbird!

Day 2 Pre-SP Onsite Comments

About the ice conditions in Marseille:

Practice Video and Photos from Day 2

Here’s a video capture of Patrick doing a spectacular quad after Yuzuru finished his practice (Instagram)

Some photos from practice – look at that perfect posture!

Professor Chan Talking About His Blades

Here’s a video on posted yesterday (12/6) on YouTube featuring the music from “A Journey”, where Patrick talks about his blade curvature:

Professor Chan gets technical at 1:17, 5:28, and 6:43 of the video. Now we know his measurements – his root radius is 7/16 of a inch.

2016 Grand Prix Final: Day 1

Here are some highlights from Patrick’s first day at the 2016 Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France!

CBC Sports Video of Patrick

See a transcript of what Patrick said below the video:

“At the end of the day, I know that they don’t skate the way I do. They skate their specific style, and luckily, I think people really like my style.

I hope that I can still bring something new to the table… There’s just a little sense of maybe a maturity on the ice, a little more command on the ice. It’s hard to say that when they’re doing all these quad flips and these quads that are… I never would imagine would be accomplished in my generation. But I need to kind of put that behind me. I’m doing my own work, trying to work into quad sals, including that in the program, so having three quads in the long, eventually. So I’m doing my part to keep up with them, and that’s all I can focus on. I can’t get carried away with how many rotations they are doing, and how many quads they are adding in the program, because my program on its own is already a lot, visually and technically.”
~Patrick Chan

Onsite Comments

This fan sighed at the sight of Patrick’s beautiful step sequence (see video below):

Patrick practiced a lot of triple axels:

Comments about Day 2’s skating order (see skating order at the bottom of the page):

Videos from Day 1

A beautiful step sequence from “A Journey”

Masterful @pchan31

A video posted by Michele Mintzer (@michlmint) on

Patrick and Yuzuru did spins at the same time:

Another video of Patrick practicing with Yuzuru Hanyu and the other men: (Video).

Patrick at the draw, where Yuzu received a giant chocolate ball for his birthday:

Patrick in the background talking to Marina after the practice audience sang happy birthday to Yuzu:

Photos from Day 1

Photos from practice. Patrick and Javier both wore blue!

Checking his phone while waiting (see first photo)?

The men at the draw. Patrick sat two rows behind Yuzu and Shoma and smiled during the announcement of Yuzu’s birthday:

See more from Japanese site Mainichi here.

Earlier, Patrick posed for a photo with Eric, Meagan, and Ryo Miyazaki at his home rink, the Patinoire d’Avignon:

Patrick’s arrival at the airport. Under Armour!

Other Photos Posted on Day 1

Beautiful portrait of Patrick from Pure Souls Media:

Current project: Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan #cbcsports #epicedit

A photo posted by Pure Souls (@puresouls) on

2017 Stars On Ice posters:

My good luck graphic to Patrick:

A nice gift to a Canadian skating fan, perhaps?

Long Program Starting Order

Patrick will perform last on Saturday night:

More to come on Patrick’s long program in the next post here!


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