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Patrick Chan News Update, June 2, 2017

Patrick Chan Rieseling Icewine Purchased by PCSkatingFan, May 2017. Photo by
Last updated: Sunday, June 4, 2017

A roundup of all the Patrick Chan news since Stars On Ice Vancouver. See how I finally got my own bottle of icewine below!

June 4: Last Day in Calgary

Patrick happily used his legs to power up his iPhone at the Calgary airport!

Human powaaaaa 🚴🏼💪🏼🔋 @fly_yyc

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Filming Patrick’s signature skating move:

June 3: Calgary Day 3 – Media Day!
Patrick’s First Periscope!

Patrick traded questions and answers with Piper and Paul in his first Periscope broadcast today! See my transcript below.

Paul: Hello Twitter! This is Paul Poirier, ice dancer speaking at the COC Media Summit, and I am here with my friends – Piper Gilles – Patrick Chan! So we’re going to do some rapid fire questions… I think Patrick is gonna start… we’ll wait a few seconds…

Piper: No, it’s not raining in here…

Paul: No, it’s not raining, but I do really like this hat. So I see a few people joining… feel free to send comments or questions as well… but we’re just going to do some rapid fire amongst ourselves.

Patrick’s going to start. Let’s go!

Patrick: All right… (eyes widen) woah! Hello everyone… okay? Okay, Piper and Paul…

Piper: Yes?

Paul: Ready.

Piper: Here you go. Rapid fire.

Patrick: Are you a believer?

Paul: No.

Piper (shakes head): No… I mean… His new song’s kind of good… but…

Paul: No, actually, look what happens when it spins! It spins…

Patrick: No believer, okay. Socks or sandals?

Paul: Socks and sandals. Together.

Piper: Just sandals. (points at Paul) Fashion faux pas. He does it all the time.

Paul: I don’t care. Birkenstocks, the best.

Piper (shakes head) emm emm.

Patrick: Favorite Olympian?

Piper: (points at Patrick) Patrick Chan, of course.

Patrick: Oh, God.

Paul: You suck up, you suck up!

Piper (laughs): Come on, he’s right there, come on…

Paul: I was gonna say myself, but I think that sounds conceited.

Patrick: Okay, moving on… Here you go.

Piper: All right, all right… questions, okay. Well, hmm, Patrick, Patrick.

Patrick: No, it’s both me and Paul…

Piper: I know, but I’m asking you.

Patrick: Okay.

Piper: And Paul.

Paul: I have more time to think.

Patrick: Okay, I’ll stand there. (moves to Paul’s side)

Piper: All right, here we go.

Paul: Sorry, did I poke you in the head?

Patrick: No, you’re good.

Piper: Yes, stop poking him. Okay… Elvis or The Beatles?

Patrick: The Beatles.

Paul: Also Beatles.

Patrick: I’m a die-hard Beatles fan, so…

Piper: Yay. Anyone see the new… what is it? Sirius XM? They got a new Beatles channel…

Paul: They have a new Beatles station?

Patrick: Is it really good…

Pipers: It’s just Beatles all the time, all day, every day…

Patrick: I could spend for that… okay, okay…

Piper: Stay current here, fellas… So… I’m not going to go with the one they told me to do…

Patrick: (leans toward camera) Look at the comments here… What about Donovan Bailey?

Piper: No…

Paul: Ooh… Donovan Bailey’s pretty okay…

Piper: Here we go!

Paul: That is…

Piper: Shut up!

Paul: You know when he wins? He’s like…

Piper: Three things that are always in your fridge?

Paul: Go, go, go.

Patrick: Huh?

Paul: Three things always in your fridge.

Patrick: Uh… beer, fruits and vegetables.

Piper: (nods) nice.

Paul: All right, for myself, maple syrup…

(Patrick pours water on Paul’s umbrella hat. Paul bursts into laughter.)

Paul: Look, I’m safe and I’m dry! Maple syrup, and, and, and…

Piper: Spit it out!

Paul: And mustard…

Piper: T-t-t-today, junior!

Paul: …and vegetables, that’s all.

Piper: Oh, okay. (hands phone to Paul) Here you go. You can ask questions…

Patrick: You’ve been very general.

Paul: Yeah, I know. Well, it depends… I get vegetables from the farm, so it depends on what’s in season.

Patrick: Oh, wow.

Paul: Yeah… Pretty funny. Okay…

Piper: Diva!

Paul: Whatever. Okay, so, we’re going to ask questions now for Piper and Patrick. First question, ’cause I love food… Cake or pie? Which is better?

Piper: Cake, cake.

Patrick (hesitates): Uh…

Piper: (points at Patrick) You’re gonna say…

Patrick: Apple pie… warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Paul: I agree with that.

Piper (shakes head): Nope.

Paul: I don’t… (points at Piper) that answer.

(Patrick leans forward to read)

Patrick: Yang Yang… oh, hi Piper.

Piper: Hi Piper… Hi!

Paul: Sorry, keep poking people in the head. Who is that?

Piper: Stop poking! Get on with the questions, it’s rapid fire!

Paul: Okay….

Piper: Keep them on task!

Paul: Jeans or sweats? I feel like that’s another good one.

(Patrick stares upward to think)

Piper: Sweats.

Patrick: It depends on what I’m doing. Where am I going?

Paul: Just in general. That’s what the question says.

Patrick: Jean, jeans. Nice comfy jeans… like, expensive stretchy jeans would be nice.

Paul: Stretchy jeans very important.

Patrick (laughs): Expensive. Like I always had expensive? (He strokes himself) I’m classy.

Piper: Keep it stylish! No sweatpants for sure…

Patrick: And I’m not even wearing jeans now…

(Camera pans to Patrick’s black pants)

Piper: No, he’s wearing sweats right now…

Paul: Honestly, with our skater legs, if you don’t get good jeans, they just rip… right away, right?

Patrick: Yeah, exactly.

Paul: Like, my legs just…

Patrick: Our butts are too big. Skating butts are too big.

Piper: You need good jeans with a little bit of stretch.

Paul: Okay, last question. Favorite Canadian town or city?

Patrick: Ooooh… big one.

Piper: Go.

Patrick: Victoria, BC. Anybody in there… anybody there that’s… from Victoria, BC?

Piper: I would say Kelowna. It’s got mountains, water, and wine.

Paul: And I’m going to be uber-biased and say Toronto, because that’s where I’m from. Actually all three of us…

Patrick: Ottawa. Who said Ottawa?

Piper: It’s Ottawa. Well, he is from Ottawa.

Paul: Ottawa?

Piper: Well, he is from Ottawa. I mean…

Paul: We were both born there.

Patrick: We were both born in Ottawa…

Piper: Capital

Patrick (not too keen): Yeah… I guess…

Paul: Ottawa’s great…

Piper: Yeah, it was great…

(They laugh)

Paul: We sound really convinced, guys.

Piper: All right… thanks for watching our little Periscope thing.

(Patrick waves)

Paul: Yeah, thanks for joining us. Feel free to keep commenting and tweeting back.

Piper: Follow us on our journey to Pyeongchang.

(Patrick nods)

Patrick: Byeeeee!

Paul and Piper: Peace!

Videos and Photos of Patrick and Team Canada

Errbody… meet Gertrude 👀#teamcanada

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June 2: Calgary Day 2
Dinner at the River Cafe

June 1: Calgary Day 1
InjaNation Fun

Patrick was with Team Canada at the InjaNation ninja warrior gym in Calgary, where he climbed walls with Meagan Duhamel and demonstrated the strength of his right arm!

2017 Game Plan YYC Summit

Patrick attended the 2017 Game Plan YYC Summit in Calgary today! Game Plan is a wellness program that helps athletes live "better and more holistic lives". The YYC Summit is especially relevant to Patrick because its purpose is to help elite athletes find the right career fit and transition to "real life" after they retire from competition.

Busy day at the office for our advisors! @pchan31 #MyGamePlan @skate_canada @csiontario @csicalgary @csipacific

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Patrick will also attend Team Canada’s PyeongChang 2018 Media Summit in Calgary this weekend (June 3 and 4), where he will be available for media interviews on Saturday (June 3) from 11:40 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. MT.

Team Canada’s PyeongChang 2018 Media Summit Olympic Athlete Media Interview Times

Patrick Chan on Team Canada’s PyeongChang 2018 Media Summit Interview and Media Scrum List

May 31: Bringing Home the Icewine

I got a bottle of Patrick's icewine! Over the U.S. Memorial Holiday weekend I took a trip to see relatives near Niagara Falls and thought maybe I could go to an LCBO nearby and buy two bottles of "On Ice". Alas, when I called, none of the stores nearby had any bottles in stock except for one that was 20-30 minutes away. But luckily they had it and held it at the cash register for me. My family was a bit anxious as we had never driven in Canada before, but we arrived at the LCBO just fine and the first thing I saw was this bottle of "vintage" icewine at the register! I had the pleasure of explaining to the young woman who rang it up why it was so important to me! 🙂

I wanted to get a second bottle of icewine, but that would have meant driving another 20-30 minutes to Flat Rock Cellars (they did have it in stock), and I wasn't sure we would be able to get back to the airport in time for the flight home, so I packed this bottle in a lovely Wineskin bag, put it in my luggage and it traveled over 3,200km home with me! Here it is, in front of my frame drum:

Patrick Chan Rieseling Icewine Purchased by PCSkatingFan, May 2017. Photo by
Patrick Chan Icewine Purchased by PCSkatingFan, May 2017. Photo by Viv at

One of the other souvenirs I bought in Canada was this hockey puck. I was reminded that if it weren't for hockey, Patrick would have never become a figure skater. Here it is with the same bottle of wine.

Patrick Chan Icewine Purchased by PCSkatingFan, May 2017 (pictured with souvenir hockey puck). Photo by
Patrick Chan Icewine Purchased by PCSkatingFan, May 2017 (pictured with souvenir hockey puck). Photo by Viv at

For those of you wanting to know how the wine tastes, well... until I get a second bottle, I won't be tasting it. Of course it will be opened when Patrick wins a major competition next season!


May 26: 2017-2018 Grand Prix Assignments

Skating fans everywhere were abuzz about assignments for next season's Grand Prix competitions (see the list). Patrick was assigned to Skate Canada and the NHK Trophy!

It's true that the last time Patrick competed at the NHK trophy was... 11 years ago.

How interesting that Patrick will go to Japan instead of France or China for his second Grand Prix competition next season. I think it's a great opportunity for Japanese skating fans to see more of his fantastic skating skills! Many of them already appreciate the flowing quality and beauty of his performances, and I have no doubt that they will love him more, regardless of his final standings there. Good luck to him in advance!

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