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Patrick Chan 2017 Four Continents: Part 2

Last updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Patrick went into the free skate in fifth place after the short program, just like last year. And just like last year, he bested Boyang Jin by less than a point, but then missed the podium and ended up in fourth. Had he skated and scored the way he did at Canadian nationals, he would have gotten the bronze. Nevertheless, his excellent program components score (PCS) was second only to Yuzuru Hanyu by less than two points, and I greatly respect him attempting all three quads in his program under such difficult competitive circumstances. Now, onward and upward!

February 19 (Korea Time)
Exhibition Gala

A nice fancam from the other side of the rink. This lucky fan saw Patrick extend his arm toward them!


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Video of Patrick waiting to go out on the ice – he kept moving and smiled when the spotlight shone on him.

Patrick and Yuzuru made plans as they waited to go out on the ice. Patrick leaned on Shoma and Nathan: “Gentlemen, let me borrow your shoulders for a moment.”
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Another closer video showed Patrick working out his plans on the palm of his hand!

Another video of the same scene, this one showing Patrick hooting and cheering on the other skaters.

Group entrance on to the ice:

Later, Patrick and Yuzu did 3Ts at the same time (0:12 of video)!

Misha Ge herded Patrick and the guys together before they went out on the ice. Patrick chatted with Nathan before they went out and weaved in-between the other skaters in a line:

Other EX photos:

Road to Helsinki #PatrickChan 🔜 #Helsinki2017 #teamCanada #figureskating #iceskating #patinaje #pattinaggio #patinage

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[2017.2.19 갈라] 😣ㅎㅎㅎ#PatrickCHAN #4ContsFigure #4CC2017 #EX

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[2017.2.19 갈라] 초롱초롱 눈망울의 패트릭 챈😳😁 #PatrickCHAN #4ContsFigure #4CC2017 #EX

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Can you spot him hiding in these group shots?

Gala Party

Patrick in a suit and tie for the party (click to expand picture):

Acting goofy with Han Yan:

Funny photo


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Free Skate Program Video

Patrick laughed at his score and said, “Wow, that was close… so close.”

Other Videos

Patrick congratulated Yuzu and Shoma in the green room and shook their hands:

Patrick patted Yuzu on the back after Yuzu’s performance (see end of video):

The perfect 4T3T:

#4cc2017 #PatrickChan #4t3t 챈 쿼토트토 잘뛰어놓고 왜………ㅠㅠ

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His jumps – the perfect and the flawed:

What Patrick Said About It

Patrick said in this interview:

I need to work on my snap off the ice and being more efficient,” said Chan. “I’m looking forward to going back home and working on that. Those are also things that I can work on both on and off the ice.”

Without seeing a video I can’t be sure, but Patrick did not seem upset at all, but focused on what he needs to do to improve himself for Worlds. Good for him!

Accolades and Comments

Competition Photos and Video Clips

Patrick is now the “Uncle”, lol, even though for a moment it looked like he was about to sneak away:

Patrick gave Yuzuru a hug after his performance:

And patted Yuzu on the back (see end of video):

Another cat who loves Pchiddy!

Judges’ Scores and Comparisons

Warming Up

Patrick enjoyed chatting with Nathan:

Men’s Free Skating Time Schedule

Planned Quads

The top six men together have 23-24 quads planned!

Dress Rehearsal Photos

Getting the banners ready…

Morning Practice

Patrick and Han Yan:

Previous Day

Patrick and Eric leaving the building after practice:

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