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Patrick Chan News Update, March 5, 2017

Last updated: Friday, March 31, 2017

After the Four Continents Championship, Patrick has been staying busy with various charity and skating promotional activities. He even replied to me on Twitter! Below is a summary of what’s happened since Gangneung:

Win Tickets to Stars On Ice!

March 4 Figure Skating Clinic

Patrick conducted a sold-out skating clinic in Windsor, Ontario, with coaches Marina Zoueva and Johnny Johns. Fifty young skaters practiced and learned from Patrick as he demonstrated spins and other skating moves. Not bad, considering that days before there were still 10 spots open:

Video and Interview Transcript

Reporter: Patrick Chan says he encourages all young skaters not to forget to have fun while on the ice.

Patrick: I didn’t expect to be where I am… at this level in figure skating at their age. I was just going out and having fun challenging myself everyday, trying to do something difficult like skating… or tennis, or golf. I think that’s the importance of sport, in general… not to necessarily go and be the best ever in the world. It’s more than just that.

I like what Patrick said about having fun and doing sports for its own sake. I think his advice reflects his personal maturity and growth, and how he developed from someone who thought he always had to be better than everyone else (as he had said in a previous interview) to someone who is more focused on enjoying the process of skating. Good for you, Patrick!


Open the links mentioned in the first two tweets below to see many more photos!

A post shared by Misty Mari Mutus (@mistymari75) on

Got to meet the amazing @pchan31 today! I had an awesome time 💖⛸

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Patrick poses for a photo at Central Athletics in Windsor, ON on March 4, 2017. (Photo by Misty Mutus / Source: Google Photos)
Patrick poses for a photo at Central Athletics in Windsor, ON on March 4, 2017. (Photo by Misty Mutus / Source: Google Photos)
The Flyer for the Event


March 3: Icewine in Manitoba!

Patrick tweeted early on a Friday morning to announce that his icewine is now available at Manitoba Liquor Marts. Naturally, local fans there are quite happy!


March 2: Patrick with Marin Honda and Karen Chen!

2016 Junior World figure skating champion Marin Honda took this photo with Patrick. Patrick’s coach Marina Zoueva is one of Marin’s choreographers, hence the meeting at the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, Michigan.


A post shared by 本田真凜(Marin Honda (@marin_honda) on

But another beautiful visitor was there at the same time – current U.S. ladies’ champion Karen Chen, who had a great time:

Had such a wonderful time in Michigan! Hope to be back soon! 😍❤️

A post shared by Karen Chen (@karebearsk8) on

Patrick’s rink is definitely a skating hot spot!


February 23: Reading at Ronald McDonald House… and Replying to ME!

Patrick read one of the 3,000 books he and First Book Canada donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto (for more about Patrick’s long-time partnership with RMHC, go here).

PJ Kwong also interviewed Patrick (article) and here is what he said about the magical effect of books when he was a child:

Reading books as a child brought me to another world. It brought me to a fantasy world with superpowers where I could overcome adversity or any challenge.

Read more about what Patrick said about the importance of books here!

The first picture of the night’s event was tweeted by his agent from Landmark Sports:

Which Patrick later retweeted:

In the midst of this feel-good experience, I thought it might be a good time to politely remind him to update his Twitter bio, which still said “eight time Canadian Champion” on it:

I had a good feeling about this but didn’t think he would reply, so off I went to choir rehearsal. Then, just before I got home 3 hours later, I saw this:

What?! I had to take a look at it!

Wow… Back to the cute photos of Patrick with the kids and books while I recover from the shock of a few words and an emoji from him!

Patrick with a copy of “Ivanhoe”:

Was a blue moon shining that night? But seriously, I am very grateful for Patrick’s reply. One of my writer friends said that I “must have caught him in a good mood”. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that I caught him in a very generous mood. 🙂


February 22: Pink Shirts to Promote Safe Sport

Patrick was featured in a graphic to promote Safe Sport Day:

That’s the wrap-up of Patrick’s good deeds during the past two weeks! How could any Pchiddy fan not be proud of his demonstrated generosity towards young skaters and kids in need? Yes, I am so proud of him! And yes, I will ever be grateful for the miraculous bit of contact we had online. Thanks to all who shared links of photos and videos, and most of all, thanks to Patrick for making himself available. May Finland be good to you as the 2016-2017 season comes to a close!

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