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Patrick Chan 2017 Four Continents: Part 1

Last updated: Friday, March 31, 2017

Patrick sits in fifth place after the short program, just like last year. But the power and smoothness of his skating and his art on ice did not go unnoticed by his international fans!

February 17 (Korea Time)
Short Program Competition

What actually happened after the short program – Patrick quickly circled the rink a few times, then settled in with his coaches for a serious talk before his scores were announced:

Other video clips:

Patrick also inspired the younger generation. Future student?

As usual, cats love Pchiddy:


Patrick received so many compliments from worldwide fans who appreciated his beautiful skating! Below are a select few:

“…Patrick Chan thought in another dimension. It looks like a polished ball. There is a connection to everything in motion, flowing water, techniques determined like respiration to live, exactly experts. I liked it the best I’ve seen.”

Patrick CHAN, beautiful. As if this program really expresses the nature of Canada. Fresh.

“Patrick Chan’s skating, really beautiful. It is exceptional. It makes me realize that beautiful just by sliding should be basic skating skill.”

“Patrick Chan ‘s Beatles song was nice. It was a very good time to match the atmosphere of a song with a smooth sliding slide 😇🙏”

“Patrick Chan’s skate is beautiful. I feel a sense of unity with the song … I capture your heart instinctively.”

“Patrick Chan is per movements are smooth and seem as well jump to the previous dude-.-I experienced! It feels… Smooth motion and beautiful look.”

“Patrick CHAN’s said incredible skating technique, to the untrained eye so I dunno. I say it’s beautiful new… I want like I know the greatness of his expert eyes.”

Patrick Chan is a god performance skating after Boyang.

“…Patrick Chan It is really wonderful … Skating is not so detailed but I am surprised by the beauty every time since I first saw …”

“I fascinated Patrick Chan’s light and smooth skating. It is a wonderful match with the songs of the Beatles. Even if there were falls and slippage omissions at jumps, I understood well that they have something that other players do not have.”

Patrick. I love the skating of Chan… beautiful.”

“Patrick CHAN athlete skating too insanely beautiful! I respect very much. I have to work hard to skate smoothly like Patrick Chan, too!”

“Patrick CHAN of the movement smooth and beautiful.”

“Patrick Chan, it’s soft and elegant art, and get out a sigh.”

“Patrick Chan too smooth. Wow!”

“Patrick Chan’s skating is light and seems to be seeing some ballet somehow. I like gentle and easy to select music. I am looking forward to free.”



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Backstage Stretches

Doing his stretches in a purple shirt! Click here for the direct video link.

Patrick’s Short Program Practice

Video of his SP runthrough – nice 4T3T and 3A:

Another view of the same run-through:

And yet another view:

Patrick looked a little lost at times…

Afterwards, a sunny moment near the boards:

And the cheer banners are up!

A white tiger? dressed in black suspenders:

February 16 (Korea Time)
Afternoon Practice

If you see a gray box, click on it to allow Adobe Flash to play the video.

Men’s Short Program Starting Order

Patrick’s Flag Day Tweet

It was February 16 already in Korea, but still February 15 in North America, so Patrick tweeted this great photo of himself from Skate Canada 2015 (his first victory after his comeback) to celebrate the National Flag of Canada Day!

February 15 Practice Session

Patrick’s practice runthrough:


Some beautiful jumps from Patrick. First, the quad sal:

2017.02.15 4CC 2일차 공식연습 #PatrickChan #4contsfigure #4cc2017 #figureskating

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His signature quad toe triple toe:

A perfect triple axel:

Patrick hits the boards, laughs, and tries again:

Other video clips:

Another full practice video:

Photos from Practice

Patrick talking with Marina:

Out on the ice:

2017.2.15 4CC-OP Patrick Chan #PatrickChan

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Backstage and behind the boards:

Patrick's Valentine

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