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Patrick Chan 2016 Cup of China: Days 3 and 4

Patrick Chan shows off his gold medal at the Cup of China, November 19, 2016.
Last updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

After placing third in the short program, Patrick won! He’s going to the Grand Prix Final!! Such a lovely free program that impressed commentators and spectators alike! What great news for me to wake up to! I am bleary-eyed but satisfied as I update this post! Below is one of my favorite moments captured in slow motion – see how calm and composed Patrick looks!


Exhibition Gala

Still looking pleasantly calm and collected – just look at his chin! Perfect little exhibition!

Victory Ceremony

Cute moment: When the winners were each given a model Audi car! Patrick was very composed and calm during the Canadian anthem – I love his smile afterward!

Free Skate

After receiving his scores for the win, Patrick’s coach Marina Zoueva whispered in his ear and he laughed and said, “It is actually one point, OMG.”

Excellent British Eurosport commentary: (Video)

Mandarin commentary from ELTA: (Video)

NBC commentary: (Video)

CBC commentary: (Video)

No commentary: (Video)

What was your favorite part of Patrick’s performances? Leave a comment below!

What Patrick Said About It

Toronto Star

I told myself to relax and not try and rush through the program. Even the fall during the quad Salchow I made sure I didn’t panic and just continued to do the program as I did at home and forget about the mistake.

Sina News

I told myself to not think about the podium… My training going forward will be more balanced. I would like to focus on the combination of the various elements to show the quality of movements completed. I will continue to challenge my limits and look forward to skating with a higher level of technique and expression. (Translated)

Golden Skate

One thing I’ve learned since coming back to the competitive scene is that I really need to let go of the fact that I’m doing this for the results. It is not easy to forget about results, but that was my approach today.

I’m so happy that Patrick is now focused on the process and not on the results of his performances! I always believed that if he focused on the moment by moment work that he had to do and did it the same way he did at home, he would be able to handle the pressure much better and skate well. One way to tell how calm he was before his free skate was this moment that was captured right after his name was announced. He spotted something on the ice, picked it up and turned it in, then went on to do his spectacular free skate. All in a day’s work!

Patrick Chan picks up something off the ice before his free skate at Cup of China, November 19, 2016
Other Commentary

Chinese fans’ Cup of China forum discussion on Baidu (Chinese): (Link). Many were hoping for Boyang Jin to have a chance to go to the Grand Prix Final, but were impressed with the beauty of Patrick’s skating. Spectators who were on-site said Patrick’s skating was very worth it and he took them into his world.

Judges’ scores:

As for the wonderful music composed by Eric Radford, he hopes to release it for purchase by Worlds next year:

I’m sure that Marina Zoueva will go home very gratified that her students won both mens’ and ice dance events!

Ha, figure skating anime “Yuri On Ice” was right that Canada won at Cup of China this year!

Other Videos and GIFs

Livestream replay of skaters arriving at the banquet. Han Yan made faces at the camera, but Patrick didn’t say hello to the cameras when he arrived, presumably because they made the mistake of hailing him in Mandarin instead of English: (Video Page Link). Hat tip to Saba for the link!

Exhibition gala fancams:

Patrick playing catch with his coach, Marina Zoueva while carefully balancing on one leg. It’s all good fun!

Pchiddy yawning – normally I would be in bed right now!

The moment when Patrick made Skate Canada High Performance Director Mike Slipchuk say “Wow”:

Patrick Chan Cup of China 11-20-16 quad toe triple toe. Director Mike Slipchuk was impressed.

Japanese television commentary:

Fancam capture:

Patrick landed perfectly good jumps in practice:

Photos from Day 3 and Day 4

Lucky fans like Mora, who met Patrick in person:

#patrickchan COC16 Champion<img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />

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Exhibition Gala and Banquet: Bow Ties and Smiles!

Patrick Chan #patrickchan #figureskating #grandprix #sportsphotography #canada #congrats

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See more photos of the banquet at VK here, here, and here. Hat tip to @Calica for these links!

See additional photos at Sina here. Thank you to Krunchii for this link and a brief translated summary!

Free skate and victory ceremony. Thanks to @mkr_en for the onsite photos!


The Champion! #cupofchina #Coc2016 #autograph #patrickchan #Top1

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Fan Art

This would make a nice album cover for “A Journey”:


So gratifying to see the appreciation for Patrick’s skating out there!

FS Practice Report

Patrick was landing all his big jumps in practice, so he just needed to do the same in competition (which he did except for the quad salchow):


Patrick was in third place going into the free skate at 8:11 p.m. local time (schedule)

For more information on the event, visit the Cup of China English site or Chinese language site, or their Weibo page.

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What is your favorite part of Patrick’s performances? Leave a comment below!