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Patrick Chan 2016 Skate Canada International Wrap-Up

Patrick Chan Skate Canada International Exhibition Final Spin 10-30-16
Last updated: Monday, October 31, 2016

Patrick won the competition last night and will perform his exhibition program at the gala today. For my friends who prefer a quick recap, here are some quick links:

Short Program (link)
Free Skate (link)
Victory Ceremony (link)
Short Program Scores (link)
Free Skate Scores (link)

For more videos, interviews, photos, accolades and news from each competition, see my short program roundup post and free skate roundup post, as well as the Google News Feed on the sidebar of this website.

Exhibition Gala

Video of Patrick’s EX with commentary in Mandarin from ELTA Taiwan: (link)

Patrick and the Skate Canada Team Thank Fans
Patrick and Eric Radford Film a Video for Nationals

Why Patrick Was so Tired After Doing His Quad Salchow

According to the latest Icenetwork article, Patrick said he was very tired in the second half of his free skate:

“Good opening, strong opening, I felt light and confident,” Chan said. “My goal was to at least rotate the quad sal, no matter how I felt going into it. Maybe I didn’t plan to be as tired, that’s one challenge when you add an another quad, experiencing the extra fatigue. So I started dying a little bit, the legs started getting heavier at the end of the program.”

Patrick said here that his coach Marina limits the number of quads he can practice:

“In practice, it depends on the day,” the 25-year-old said, regarding his consistency on the quadruple Salchow. “Some days it’s, I would say, seven out of ten. We try and limit how many we do. I always want to do more and more and more but [coach] Marina [Zoueva] is very aware that I need to be careful for my body health-wise.”
Elvis Stojko Gives Patrick Advice, But Will Patrick Take It?

According to a CBC article today, Elvis Stojko told Patrick he may have to give up competition wins and allow himself to make mistakes in order to advance technically. Elvis also advocated aggressive strategies for Patrick to push himself physically. The article said that Patrick plans to explore meditation and breathing exercises with his coach. The last two paragraphs also included his thoughts on the quad fest.

“We’re going to keep pushing the boundary,” he said. “But something’s got to give, either you’ll have skaters who won’t last very long due to injury, or the component/presentation side starts getting affected.

Wise Pchiddy! In my humble opinion, besides physical conditioning, the most important boundaries for Patrick to push are mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe he will see the results he wants as he improves his self-confidence and internal motivation for skating. What a challenging season this will be for him! But if he can stay true to himself and his strengths as an athlete while carefully pursuing growth and improvement, he will achieve success with inner peace.

Patrick has my very best wishes as he continues on his journey to the Olympics. May he go from strength to strength!

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