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Patrick Chan Post-SC2016 Roundup

Last updated: Monday, November 28, 2016

Here’s a roundup of photos and interviews of Patrick that were posted after the conclusion of the 2016 Skate Canada competition! (Note: Some of the Instagram photos and videos may take awhile to load, so don’t be alarmed if you see a blank frame.)

Interview Video

PJ Kwong posted her interview with Patrick after his sixth victory at the Grand Prix event. Here, he seemed optimistic and humble as he answered her questions. For our non-English speaking friends, here’s a transcript:

PJ: Hi everybody, @SkatingPJ here for the @SkatingPJ podcast. Patrick Chan – last time you and I spoke on the podcast it was two years ago, 2014. Can you believe it?

PATRICK (laughs): Time flies.

PJ: Sure does. Okay, you’ve had some changes. Tell me what’s going on in your skating career now. Anything you want to highlight? Of course, you’ve just won Skate Canada, by the way.

PATRICK: I have, yes.

PJ: I looked it up – sixth title in eight outings.

PATRICK: In eight outings…

PJ: Yeah.

PATRICK: Really? Oh, I didn’t even know that. Yeah, a great win here, adding one to the belt… not the greatest skate, but with everything that’s happened in the past summer, it’s been a good start. I’ve changed coaches, changed rinks, skating in Canton now. Kathy and I decided to part ways, and…

PJ: Yup.

PATRICK: But stuck to the plan that we developed together for the beginning of the season, going to Challenger Series before Skate Canada, and staying in Canton where we were training together. Marina’s been so supportive through everything, and…

PJ: Marina Zoueva.

PATRICK: Marina Zoueva, yeah, and she’s been so supportive through… becoming my coach as well… taking that role, it’s not easy. So together, her, Oleg, and Johnny Johns have been a huge boost to just my confidence and enjoying skating more, and just lending new perspective.

PJ: I love that free program. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes. I’m not kidding – that music is exquisite…


PJ: The way that you interpret it is beautiful…

PATRICK (nods): Thank you.

PJ: And your short program to Blackbird.

PATRICK: Yes, both programs are wonderful pieces of music. Long, being special because it’s composed by Eric…

PJ: Eric Radford, two-time World pairs champion.

PATRICK: Yes, and…;

PJ: I’m educating people, see that?

PATRICK (laughs): On the fly. And… it’s called “A Journey”, and it has been a journey for both of us, so I’m so glad I can bring that to the table. I don’t think many skaters had opened their comfort zone to accept that and accept collaborating with another skater, so I’m at a point in my career where I’m looking for something new and fresh, and I think this is a great start.

PJ: Last question. You are going to be headed to Pyeongchang – three biggest things that you would like to accomplish between now and then.

PATRICK: Landing the quad salchow in competition…

PJ: Yeah, looks rotated. Yeah?

PATRICK: Yes, yes. It’s been great in practice, but doing it in competition is another thing. Learning to go into competition with a drive and attack that I don’t think I’ve had since, maybe 2011, 2012, so… bring some youth into my competitions, into my training and enjoying the process. You know, it’s enjoying these month to month, day to day training in competitions instead of looking forward to the end of it. I really want to enjoy the process.

PJ: Do you know what? I look forward to it, too. Thank you so much for talking to me.

PATRICK: Thanks, PJ.

Other Videos and GIFs

Patrick did this video for Worlds 2017 in Helsinki, where he spoke of wanting to be a downhill skier and learning other languages like Spanish:

Other fancam videos of SC2016:


A video posted by @michlmint on

Funny moment when Pchiddy shared his coffee with Scott Moir. He is steady on the ice!

Patrick is featured in the first part of this video of the backstage action at Skate Canada:

Skate Canada (FS : Backstage) #yuzuruhanyu #hanyu #figureskating #羽生結弦

A video posted by Y.uzuruH. (@yuzu314) on


Misha Ge posted photos from the Skate Canada gala party, where Patrick wore a moose hat and huge tie. So goofy! See more photos here (use the access code on Misha’s pic).

Try find who is who ? #ClosingBanquet

A photo posted by Misha Ge (@mishage8) on

Patrick and his massage therapist:

Patrick and buddy Nathan Chen attended a recital at Arctic Edge on Saturday, November 5. They posed for a photo with this lucky young skater!

exhibition with these two😜 and MANY more great skaters❤️

A photo posted by Alexa Gasparotto (@lexiskatess) on

Speaking of Nathan, Getty Images put the wrong caption on this nice photo of Patrick. But I’m sure Patrick won’t mind the sudden reduction of age and increase in quads in his arsenal…

More photos from 2016 Skate Canada:

Lucky fan who got a bunch of autographs on their skates:

A different view of his haircut:

#sci2016 #patrickchan SP practice(2016.10.28)

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More Accolades

Compliments continued to pour in for Eric’s beautifully composed LP music, Patrick’s skating, and of course, his good looks.