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Patrick Chan 2016 Skate Canada International: Day 3 Free Skate

Patrick Chan on the podium at Skate Canada International after winning gold, October 29, 2016
Last updated: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Congratulations to Patrick on winning Skate Canada! He missed some elements in his free program, but it was still lovely, and the combination of music and artistry on ice was gorgeous. In the end, his strong components and short program scores added up to give him the victory. Here’s what he had to say about his performance:

At the end of the day, you realize that… if you can push your limit and reach that limit and the goals that you’ve set, then… you’re going to get the result that you want. But… the process of getting there is the challenge, and… that’s what I’m striving for now.

The imperfect but lovely free skate. See that cute wisp of hair on his forehead? That one refused to conform – typical artistic type!

That first quad toe combination was perfect! Here were the judges’ scores:

Other full-length videos with commentary:

B.ESP Commentary

ELTA (Taiwan) – 陳偉群花式滑冰大獎賽 加拿大站 男子單人長曲

Russian Commentary (Match TV)

Other video clips


Free Skate Photos

See more photos at Getty Images.

This photo made me go awwww… and Patrick was holding the lucky giraffe that he had picked up from the ice.

You are the reason that I figure skate⛸🎉 #PatrickChan#sci2016

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The victory ceremony

Patrick’s ascent to the podium was interrupted by a member of the audience who yelled out, “You’re the man, Patrick Chan!” That instantly put a smile on Patrick’s face for the ceremony.

While waiting to go on to the podium, Patrick chatted with his fellow medalists:

Yuzuru & Patrick #羽生結弦 #yuzuruhanyu #yuzuru #patrickchan

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Waiting to go on the podium: @kevin.reynolds @pchan31 & Yuzuru

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After the ceremony:

Medalists: @pchan31 , Yuzuru & @kevin.reynolds

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Post Competition

I talked to him!!!😭😭😭 Congratulations, Patrick!!💖✨✨ #PatrickChan #bestever

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Congratulations and Accolades

So cute that Patrick’s training buddies in Canton congratulated him with these tweets!

Patrick has always been an artist on ice, but I’m so happy to see more people saying it!


Morning Practice

Patrick wore his Chopin LP costume from last season again. He had a decent run-through, landing his quad salchow (4S) but falling on his second quad toe (4T). Videos and clips:

You can see his quad salchow at this point in the video. Even the hair on the back of his head flies up as he lands!

A nice video of his quad salchow:


A video posted by @michlmint on


Today’s Icenetwork Article

Chan, Chen in Canton with different goals in mind

His new coach, Marina Zoueva, tells him every day, “You can do everything,” and as he worked through his thoughts Friday night, it sounded as if he was starting to agree.
Interview with Brian Williams

Video link:
Younger Skaters Pushing Chan to be Better

Patrick Chan interview with Brian Williams on TSN 10-29-16

About the increase in technical difficulty for the men no longer being a distraction, Patrick said:

Absolutely. With training with… Nathan Chen… who is doing four quads in his program, that… forces me to get used to it… I’ve learned to accept it and see it as it is, and see it as an amazing feat. I have the skating side, and now I want to work on the technical side.

When asked if he was in a good place right now, Patrick smiled and said:

Yes. I finally feel like I’m in the right place, and… the new group of coaches… gave me a new fire… and made me believe in myself that I can continue to the Olympics and be successful.
Competition Logistics

Here was the starting order for the free program competition:

See the detailed time schedule here.

Where to Watch

See the Canadian broadcasting schedule of the event here.

See Icenetwork’s streaming schedule here.

For more livestreams, go here.



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