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Patrick Chan 2016 Skate Canada International: Day 2 Short Program

Patrick Chan giving a thumbs up after his short program at Skate Canada on October 28, 2016.
Last updated: Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Blackbird did good tonight! Patrick is in first right now after his short program (see the judges’ scores here). A very solid performance, despite the fall on the triple axel. This should give him a boost of confidence going into the free program tomorrow! What he said about it:

Patrick Chan smiling with his coaches after his short program, October 28, 2016.
Patrick smiling with his coaches after his short program, October 28, 2016.
Short Program

You can also watch his performance on here.

Patrick was adorable in the kiss’n cry, picking up that stuffed white bunny and hugging both of his coaches, Marina and Oleg. Then he wiped his sweat on his jacket sleeves until Marina handed him a box of tissues, lol.

Patrick Chan and his new stuffed bunny in the Skate Canada kiss 'n cry. October 28, 2016.
Lucky bunny: Patrick in the Skate Canada kiss ‘n cry. October 28, 2016. Source:

Some more short video clips below. Here is one by a fine art gallery that represented Toller Cranston:

His new hairstyle……🤔 #patrickchan #skatecanadainternational

A photo posted by minisuke (@ykminisuke) on

Post Competition

See another beautiful photo of Patrick here.

Accolades for the Short Program

Competing Against Himself

This is a very good article that reveals the new insights Patrick has gained coming into this new season. I am very happy to learn that Patrick now understands that he 1) needs to be in tune with himself at all times, 2) that he needs to not look at others but instead try to outdo himself, and 3) that the central issue for him to tackle is how to skate well under pressure, so that he performs well in any circumstance. I love that he said he is very organized now, and that he wants to have fun skating… awesome!

Patrick has changed a lot and matured as a person and as a skater, and this “journey” has been exciting to see. I believe this will be a breakthrough season for him on so many levels, no matter what the points say!


This looks so much bigger on television…

Patrick getting ready backstage:

A cute poster showing Pchiddy covering his ears, but we all know that he’s an ice prince, and therefore impervious to the cold…

Morning Practice

I noticed that the “Dear Prudence/Blackbird” music has been edited, so it’s a little different. Very nice seeing Patrick gliding across the ice a few times and taking his bow after all the run-throughs.

Here’s the practice video from YouTube, but the sound has been muted.

The Free Skate

Here is the starting order for the free program competition:

See the detailed time schedule here.

Where to Watch

See the Canadian broadcasting schedule of the event here.

See Icenetwork’s streaming schedule here.

For more livestreams, go here.

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