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Patrick Chan 2016 Skate Canada International: Day 1

Last updated: Thursday, October 27, 2016 Day 1 has now concluded! Skate Canada did stream both of the mens’ practice sessions on their website here. Here is the starting order for tomorrow’s short program competition:

Where to Watch

See the Canadian broadcasting schedule of the event here.

See Icenetwork’s streaming schedule here.

For more livestreams, go here.

Evening Practice Videos and Photos

Beautiful evening practice of his free skate! Landed a beautiful 4T3T that seemed like nothing, a slightly imperfect 4S, and beautiful 3A+3? in the second half. Music time was 4 minutes, 39 seconds.

Video from a fancam:

Reports from This Morning

Beverley Smith’s latest article. I’m so happy for Patrick that his new skating family spurs him on:

Patrick Chan’s Happy Accident

As for Zoueva, she feels privileged to have Chan in her rink. She thinks of him as a Rembrandt painting, a work of art. “Ice is my home,” she said. “It’s my house. It’s like always there is a piece of art, his skating, in it.”

Can’t wait to see his quad salchow!

Videos from Morning Practice

@QuadAxel3T’s fancam of Patrick’s gorgeous 4T3T:

His triple axel was beautiful – video below:

The rest of his practice performance:

Mens’ practice, including Patrick:

Photos from Morning Practice

Smiling at practice:

More practice photos:

Press conference:

At his interview:

Reactions to Patrick’s Practice Programs

What do you look forward to seeing at Skate Canada? What is your favorite part of Patrick’s new programs so far?

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