Interview with a CHANpion Fan

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GIF of Patrick Chan and coach Kathy Johnson waving to fans holding up a banner, "The CHANpion is Back", at the 2016 Four Continents Championships in Taipei, Taiwan.
Patrick and his coach Kathy wave to Bea and fans holding a banner with the words, “The CHANpion Is Back” at the 2016 Four Continents Championships in Taipei, Taiwan. (Source: YouTube)

Remember those “obnoxious” banner-waving fans who appeared at the end of every video and broadcast of Patrick’s spectacular 2016 Four Continents Championships (4CC) free program, the ones Patrick and Kathy waved to after they learned that he had won? Well, I asked Bea and she was very generous to allow me to interview her about her experiences there, and what it was like to meet her favorite CHANpion, Patrick.

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Q&A with Patrick Chan Fan “Happylife”

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Patrick Chan fan Happylife hugs and poses with a happy Patrick at a restaurant, May 2012. (Photo © Happylife. Used with permission.)
Happylife with Patrick at a fundraising dinner, May 2012. (Photo © Happylife. Used with permission.)

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Happylife, a longtime fan who met Patrick at several events including competitions, shows, and fundraising dinners. She was very generous to discuss her experiences and share her personal photos with us. Happylife emphasized that it was Patrick’s personality that impressed her, and not just his skating skills.

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Patrick Chan News Roundup, July 1, 2016

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Framed screenshot of Patrick Chan from YouTube video.
Patrick Chan Video Screenshot 6-30-16. (PJ Kwong / YouTube)

What exciting news came out yesterday about Patrick’s long program and his Grand Prix assignments for next season! I thought this would be just another quiet news week until everything hit at once! From now on I will keep an eye out for Patrick-related news to come out on Thursdays, LOL. Here’s the roundup for this week:

New Long Program Music

Patrick unveiled a bit of his new free program to PJ Kwong and the press, right at month’s end. Choreographed by David Wilson (who said the program virtually choreographed itself), Patrick will skate to “A Journey,” composed by his friend and fellow Canadian skating champion, Eric Radford.

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When Patrick Chan Moves: A Cost of Living Comparison

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Google map with route from Detroit to Vancouver. Icon of Patrick Chan added to the map.
Destination Vancouver: Patrick’s Trip. (Map by Google Maps / Photo © Alamy)

When Patrick announced to the world that he would be moving to Vancouver in July, I was not very surprised because one of his sponsors (ASPAC) is located there, and he frequently visits the city. Now that July is almost upon us, I was curious about the cost of living differences between Detroit and Vancouver. My guess is that it will cost Patrick significantly more money to live in Vancouver than in Detroit. Am I right?

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Fan Music Picks for Patrick

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There’s a freshly cut red rose on this old hymn book. The music is open at “Where is my Wandering Boy?” and also “Give Me thy Heart.” Underneath you see the tuning pins, felts and keyboard of the grand piano.
“Rose on Music Book on Piano” {{PD-US}}

Since I heard that Patrick hasn’t decided yet what music he will skate to next season, I polled several fans for their ideas and suggestions. A big “thank you” to those of you who responded to my request via Twitter and on Golden Skate Forums. The most important thing that I want for Patrick is for him to skate to music that highlights his strengths and bring out the best in him.

From the fans I received very general to very specific suggestions, which I will try to organize below (in no particular order), with my comments.

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Patrick Chan News Roundup, 6/24/16

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Here I thought this would be a quiet week of Patrick Chan news. However, it turns out quite a few people shared their Patrick sightings on social media! In case you didn’t catch them, here’s a summary of Pchiddy happenings:

Eric Radford shares a “Chiddyism”

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