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Patrick Chan News Roundup, August 8, 2016

It’s been such a fun and exciting August for Pchiddy and his friends and fans! Thank you, Patrick, for sharing so many photos and videos of your amazing time in Japan this past week!

This may be history in the making, but I don’t think I’ve seen Patrick post a fun video of himself in a long time, if ever! Most of the other videos that he posted this year have been sports-related or promotional in nature, but not for personal enjoyment or pleasure. What? You thought Pchiddy was a super-serious person who never cracked a smile? Are you only used to seeing him look like this?

A collage of Patrick Chan's serious expressions from various photos and video captures.

But you are not used to him smiling and having fun in “competition”, like this?

Psst, just don’t tell him that the geisha was supposed to let him win… Nevertheless, his boyish charm when he triumphs is just endearing. It reminds me of another time in his competitive history…

Patrick Chan reacts to winning the 2016 Four Continents Figure Skating Championship. (Source: YouTube)
Patrick reacts to winning the 2016 Four Continents Figure Skating Championship. (Source: YouTube)

This past week also showed that Patrick is not immune to a sweet tooth. From drinking a Starbucks special to eating ice cream of a mystery flavor, perhaps these dietary indulgences are only allowed during the summer?

Fun with Friends and Fans in Japan

By day, Patrick traveled around Japan with his friends and fellow performers, and Mirai hung tight with him:

Patrick is often found hiding in the backgrounds of other skaters’ photos (especially group ones). Can you spot him in Mirai’s photo here?

During this cheery behind-the-scenes video of the cast, Patrick noticed and announced the obvious. Cute!

It was so nice to see his well-wishes to Daisuke Takahashi! (Love the blue t-shirt on Patrick, by the way.)

He also had dinner with Miki Ando, Joannie Rochette, Florent Amodio and Carolina Kostner:

On the fan side, a lucky lady got Patrick’s autograph on a golden ball! (Update: Her photo was removed from Instagram… but not before she replied to me that she was very happy to have a signed ball from him.)

And here is another beautiful piece of fan art outlining Patrick’s “Sunday Morning” program. I love how it says, “Simple is best style.” Agreed!

Shooting a Video on the Ice

Now, I’m not sure if this was the first time Patrick ever did this, but at the end of his last show in Nagoya he shot a video for us as he skated around the rink (I am so impressed – it’s something I can’t ever imagine doing). What makes his video awesome is that we get to see what things are like in the rink from his point of view. As K-Pop fans would say, it is “daebak!” I am also doubly impressed with how he was able to keep his camera still while gliding across the ice (GoPro or not). And just look at the tremendous fan support he received from the audience, with their Canadian flags and signs in hand!

If Patrick keeps posting videos like these, I think he could revive his YouTube channel!

Well, I am so thrilled and grateful to see Patrick share a part of his summer experiences with us! As a fan, my sincere hope is that he can take the openness, relaxed attitude and warmth that he has right now and bring it with him when he returns to competition. This is not to diminish his serious dedication to the sport at all; rather, I want him to still have fun and be himself even while he is vying for a place on the podium. I think this approach to competition will help him stay emotionally free and connect with his audience better. So Patrick, don’t forget to keep that fun with you! Enjoy the last leg of your tour in Kitakyushu!





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