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Patrick Chan Summer News Update, August 22, 2017

Last updated: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Although skating season has not yet officially started, last weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see Patrick’s new Olympic programs unveiled at a competition for the very first time! Although these were early versions seen from a fan cam, “Dust in the Wind” and “Hallelujah” have already elicited tears and smiles, leaving skating fans yearning for more.


Upcoming: Skate Canada High Performance Camp!

Next up – High Performance Camp (HPC)! Patrick may be there already, as he’s been keeping a low profile this summer, but Skate Canada promised to let us know. Read my post about last year’s HPC here!


August 24: Nebelhorn Trophy

Update 9/2017: Patrick withdrew from the competition!

So Patrick will be going to Germany. The German skating fans are in for a treat!

For more details on his other assignments, go to the Skate Canada event schedule.


August 23: Another Lucky Youngster

What a lucky young skater who was not only inspired by Patrick, but had fun with him, too!

Skating with Patrick Chan 😘 is very inspiring and fun🌺💐#pchan31

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August 19: Relaxing at Belle Isle

After winning the Onyx Figure Skating Challenge, Patrick and friend Jeremy Abbott relaxed at Belle Isle, a picturesque island in the middle of the Detroit River (between the U.S. and Canada). Jeremy posted that it was his last summer weekend in Michigan.

Notice the open bag of sweets sitting beside Patrick’s legs! Are those peanut butter flavored M&M candies?!

Ah, summer! How quickly the sunny days pass!


August 18-19: Onyx Figure Skating Challenge

In yet another unannounced appearance, Patrick skated his gorgeous new programs at the 2017 Onyx Figure Skating Challenge in Rochester, Michigan. Sanctioned by both Skate Canada and the USFSA, Patrick competed against only one other skater in the senior men’s competition – a rarity indeed.

August 19: Free Skate

Patrick wore his dark gray costume from his 2016-2017 Chopin long program, and it worked pretty well with Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”.


Due to some downgraded jumps, his overall score was 174.16, but look at that 94.90 PCS!

August 18: Short Program

Seeing his costume from last season’s long program, “A Journey”, did confuse me for a little bit. But still, it was nice to see him dress up for this tiny competition. I’ve always liked the song “Dust in the Wind”, and his short program here did not disappoint.


And 96.55 is a great score for a summer skate!

And here is a video clip of Patrick’s warmup!

Standing with the Fans

Sampiyon ⛸

A post shared by Burak Demirboga (@burakdemirboga) on

Scroll through for more Patrick!

Click on this Instagram link (also in the tweet below) to see Patrick with some little ones!

Reaction from Coach Marina Zoueva

She was very pleased!

Fan Applause and Accolades

“#Pchiddy is magical. If the jumps are sitting in February, I would like to guarantee the chills…”


August 15: NHK Trophy Poster

Beautiful poster – Patrick looks like he is doing a martial arts pose, too! And I’m sure that the Japanese fans who just watched him live at the April 2017 World Team Trophy event are looking forward to seeing him again. See my post about WTT here!


August 15: The Fate of Patrick’s GTR

Patrick mentioned in this interview that he sold his GTR that had once belonged to the late actor Paul Walker. Now it has a new owner in Indiana (read the Instagram comments) and I’m guessing that Patrick kept the Michigan “Got Corn” license plate for the good memories. Read more about “Buster” here.


August 14: Patrick Comments on Sochi Olympics Doping

On a more serious note, Patrick mentioned “Icarus”, a documentary about a Russian Olympic doping conspiracy. Watch it here.


Black and White Montage of Great Moments

This is a beautiful tribute to special moments in Patrick’s competitive career – worth a watch!


It feels like the season has already started!


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