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Patrick Chan 2017 World Team Trophy

Last updated: Monday, May 8, 2017

Congratulations to Patrick for completing a wonderful, magical, and splendidly dramatic 2016-2017 season!!


April 24: Travel Home
April 23: Exhibition Gala

Patrick had fun here, despite looking a wee bit tired, perhaps. Nice way to end the season!

Other EX Gala Video and GIFs

Patrick can be seen at 0:13…

Sneaking in a little fun behind a reporter, lol.

EX Gala Photos

Hiding out in the middle of the group!

World Team Trophy 国別対抗戦⛸今日はEX✨ ゆづはもしかしたら現役として見られるのもあと1年かもしれないと思うと、感慨深いものがあります😂🙏❄️エレーナちゃんもがんばってほしい💁🌸 ❣️#figureskating #WTT #yuzuruhanyu #patrickchan #elenaradionova #ゆづ #lenaradi 🇨🇦🇨🇳🇫🇷🇯🇵🇷🇺🇺🇸🥇🥈🥉🎌

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Other Photos

Patrick signed a plushy…

A fan spotted him on the bus…


Lucky Kaitlyn!


Patrick will perform in the second half of the gala exhibition!

April 22: A Day of Fun!

No pressure on Patrick today, just lots of fun with cheerleader duty and making funny faces!

WTT Closing Banquet

Patrick wore gray and black, but he was less formal at this banquet than at Worlds. Smiles all around with the top guys! Here’s Jin Boyang’s live stream video. Patrick appears around 30 seconds into the video:

Other video clips and GIFs:

Photos of the men!

Cheering on His Team

Patrick’s Congratulations to Mao Asada

Canada Finishes Fourth

April 21: Free Skating Competition

This was such a lovely performance that went better than I had expected, considering that Patrick did not get a rest day between his programs. He landed his quad salchow again, and despite the hands down on two other landings, managed to exude a smooth, healing flow that held the audience in rapt attention.

I watched this program first thing in the morning after I awoke, and the sublime skating and music were like a meditation, very good for the start of my day!

Too bad Patrick had revealed that this would be his last performance of “A Journey”. When Eric released the song on iTunes, I had a suspicion that Patrick might not keep this program for next season, even though I thought it would be fitting if he did. I hope he doesn’t get frustrated during his search for new music. It will be tough to top this piece of music for a long program!

Judges scores:

Standings after the Men’s Free Skate:

What Patrick Said About It

Next season, Patrick will keep expanding on what he has accomplished this season and perform two quadruple jumps in his short program (article).

“I feel good, because it’s the first time I did all three quads in the long program… Of course there still were some mistakes. Even yesterday’s experience is part of the process, but that’s the plan for next year – to do two quads in the short.
Other Video Clips


Photos from the Free Skate


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Pets Who Love Pchiddy

Skating Order

Here is the skating order for the men. Patrick will skate right after Yuzuru.

European and North American Time Zones

Planned Layouts

April 20: Short Program Competition

Patrick made a couple of what author Neil Gaiman called “glorious mistakes” today! He attempted a new layout in his short program by doing a quad toe combination, quad sal, and then triple axel. The 4S landing made me exclaim “oh!” out loud in public, hehe. But upon reflection I realized that he had tried something different from his planned layout. Ah, sneaky Pchiddy, trying to be like an action movie hero bringing out his unexpected moves! A good first attempt in competition, no doubt. “Keep making good art!”

The judges’ scores:

Final standings for the men:

Current team standings:

Other Video Clips


Patrick always gets accolades for his skating, even when his programs are imperfect. When I read through some of the Japanese skating fans’ tweets, these were their general compliments:

  • Many loved the smoothness and beauty of his skating
  • Some complimented him on his edges, and said that Nobunari Oda had commented on them, too
  • Some admired his courage for taking on new challenges
  • A few said Patrick’s skating was very “healing” and calmed them down
  • Several loved his music and interpretation
  • Some liked his simple costume
  • A few said that he came across very much like a mature man
  • Several admired his body, muscles, and derriere
  • Some thought he was cute and innocent
  • And some said he is their favorite skater!

Even Patrick’s coach, Oleg Epstein was admired!

Photos from the Short Program

Cheering on Weaver and Poje

April 19: Opening Ceremonies

Patrick was off to a fun start with his moose head!

Men’s Short Program Skating Schedule

Page with practice schedules included:

Planned Layouts

Patrick is keeping the same layout as Worlds:

April 18: Opening Banquet

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A Warm Welcome
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