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Countdown to Skate Canada International!

Patrick Chan well wishes for Skate Canada 2017
Last updated: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Just days until we see Patrick on the ice again! I can’t wait! My prediction based on last year: He will wear one new costume and one old one. We shall see. Let’s start the countdown, shall we?

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The men’s warmup order:


October 25: One Day Until Skate Canada!

The rink is ready!

My well wishes for Patrick to have a great season!

What I hope to see every time Patrick gets off the ice:

Yes, I want to see him smile with satisfaction after every skate, not because of the scores, but because he knows he gave it his all, his best, with true joy and inner inspiration.

For awhile I’ve been wanting to clip the little parts of his performances that were memorable to me (and now I’ve finally had the chance to work with videos). His smile after the World Team Trophy long program was one of those moments. Look for more to come!

Skate Canada’s Countdown Graphics

CBC’s five things to know about Patrick:

Beautiful Fan Animation of Patrick’s “Blackbird”

This gorgeous piece of fan art was based on Patrick’s “Blackbird” short program last season:

I wrote to the artist, and here was her wonderful reply:

“You’re the Man, Patrick Chan!”

Last night, I attempted to create my first video clip from last year’s Skate Canada victory ceremony, and this is what happened:

Unfortunately, the audio in the video above did not work, so I re-clipped the video and exported it a different way. Finally, sound!

Yep, this should be his mantra!


October 24: Two Days Until Skate Canada!

This morning, Patrick was in Canton, Michigan. As usual, he inspires the younger generation!

And of course, the chosen photograph used by Skate Canada for today’s countdown is special to me, because 2015 Skate Canada International was the first competition I had watched after I became a fan! Another photo of his victory is on my Twitter profile.

It’s also the first and last time he had ever worn that “white noise” costume in competition!

Fan Comment

I agree with the comment below!


October 23: Three Days Until Skate Canada!


Good Memories of the Past Reposted

A happy Patrick took this photo with a fan at the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki!

This photo was taken in 2015, when Patrick visited the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and signed autographs:


October 22: Four Days Until Skate Canada!


October 21: Five Days Until Skate Canada!


October 20: Six Days Until Skate Canada!

Beverley Smith published her latest interview with Patrick! It is evident that he is pursuing a very different strategy during his last Olympic season. Good for him!

Chan said that whenever his mind… thought of how he would feel standing on the ice with the prospect of some heavy duty elements to face, his confidence to attack vanished. He felt fear. “So I’ve decided I would stick to my old guns and my old tricks and do what I can do at the very best,” he said.

While part of me will miss seeing that new quad salchow, all along I’ve always thought that Patrick would do best sticking to his strengths instead of just trying to chase the quads and points. Either way he can win, but I prefer that he win by giving more joy, more inspiration, and more of himself to us through his performances than he ever has. A Patrick Chan who flows on the ice with freedom, grace, radiance and happiness – who is free from all fears, tension, and expectations – is what I’ve wanted for him ever since I became his fan. And I believe he will achieve it this season, thus concluding his competitive skating journey on a high note.

My strategy is to focus on the quality of the program,” Chan said. “It’s more what I want to do and what I love to do about skating: the actual performance.


October 19: Seven Days Until Skate Canada!

Just seven more days! How is Patrick really feeling? Probably nervous and excited, but not scared at all!

When you realize #SCI17 is only 1 week away! 😱 / Lorsque vous vous rendez compte qu’il ne reste plus qu’une semaine avant les #IPC17! 😱

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PJ Kwong Talks About Patrick

At 22:30 of this video, PJ Kwong discussed Patrick what type of progress we can expect to see as he proceeds through the season.

PJ: Patrick Chan, three-time world champion, presumably at the Olympic Games… I saw David Wilson this week, he choreographed Patrick’s programs, there you go… He told me that Patrick, he was very proud of the evolution of Patrick, in terms of his, let’s say what’s inside, versus the skating outside which is always beautiful. He’s very proud of his fifth place finish at Worlds, of being able to hang in there, hang tough. It was not an easy season for him.

He is somebody, in my estimation – I said this to him – he is always on a slow rise. So I’d love to see him skate well in the Grand Prix… Love that! Love his new programs. “Dust in the Wind” for the short program is spectacular; “Hallelujah” as well, which is the free. But… look for him at Canadians, and at the Olympic games. The Olympic games is where we are playing for all the marbles. That’s what really counts this year. So, Grand Prix gives us a little bit of a taste, but… February. That’s what counts… especially in a comeback, like his.

Keep checking back as I make updates to this post!

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