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Patrick Chan News Updates, October 4-14, 2017

Last updated: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Is Patrick is still happily situated in British Columbia, breaking in his skates? Perhaps one of his longtime dreams to move to Vancouver is finally being realized. Which coach went with him? Or is he training by himself until he returns to Michigan?

During the past week I had anticipated more media of Patrick making various appearances, but it seems he has disappeared from the limelight for now. Not too worry, of course, since Skate Canada International is in less than two weeks!


October 14: Another (Old) Photo from the Agrodome

This photo was actually taken at the Agrodome back on September 28, but it was somehow missed by Instagram’s tagging system and I found it a different way. Maybe Patrick is still skating there – who knows?

Got the honor of skating with Patrick Chan the other day. #figureskating #yvr #fangirl @pchan31

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October 12: Skate Canada Breaking the Ice Event

It seems that this year’s event at the Cricket Club was more of a miss. Unfortunately, Patrick as well as many of the top Canadian skater did not appear at this event, which was intended to be an opportunity for donors to meet the skaters they support.


October 6: Blast from the Past

I love it when fans post previously unseen footage of Patrick from the past! Here’s a clip of him practicing his Chopin LP from 2015 Grand Prix Final. He looks great clad in all black, but the stress on his face is visible.


October 5: Still Skating Beneath the Dome

October 3: Surprising and Delighting More Youngsters

Patrick happily surprised Kaylee at the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, when he walked in at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon!


Another photo at the Agrodome:

If nothing else, we know that Patrick has been visiting a few rinks and facilities in Vancouver. Thanks to all the skaters who posted these photos on Instagram!


October 2: Meeting with a Rhythmic Gymnast

Patrick met with rhythmic gymnast Natalie Garcia, who is a very impressive athlete in her own right (video). I’m not sure if he jetted to Toronto for the weekend before going back to Vancouver, or if she visited Vancouver. Either way, this meeting is an indication of what he may do in the future after he retires. Perhaps he will travel across Canada as a motivational coach!

Where in the world is Patrick Chan–Pchiddy?? Until the next big competition (Skate Canada International), I will keep updating with any sightings of our elusive but beloved skater!


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2 thoughts on “Patrick Chan News Updates, October 4-14, 2017

  1. Would like Patrick Chan to Visit Maple Ridge Figure Skating Club BC to see our girls skate I hope if he comes my Granaughter will be skating with rest of our great skaters Her name is Solana

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by the fan page! I do hope your granddaughter will get to meet Patrick at her skating club. I am sure she will, or she can go visit him when he is settled with a local club. Good luck!

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