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Patrick Chan Mini-Update, February 6, 2017

Last updated: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Patrick Chan practicing his short program for Canadian Nationals. (Source: YouTube)
Patrick Chan practicing his short program for Canadian Nationals. (Source: YouTube)
Our beloved skater has gone into hiding to focus on preparing for his upcoming competition in Korea, no doubt. Meanwhile, here’s a compilation of news and sightings since the end of January.

Patrick Takes Another Pic with His Rink Mates

Patrick wore his red sweater and his new Nike training pants for this photo taken with Alex and Maia Shibutani at the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton. I love how they posed in front of the U.S. and Canadian flags!

#1YearToGo with @alexshibutani & @pchan31! Next week we'll be in Korea for Four Continents! šŸ˜Š

A photo posted by Maia Shibutani (@maiashibutani) on

With the news that Gracie Gold has joined the Zoueva/Epstein team, I expect to see more photos like these with her included!

What Nathan Chen Said About Patrick

“It’s hard to become Patrick Chan, I guess.” See more in the transcript below.

Patrick Chan is like, one of THE best skaters that I’ve ever skated with. He’s… I mean, just to watch… just like watching him skate, sometimes when he’s running his programs, he’s just like, run into the boards, because he’s so busy watching his edges, watching his choreography… and like, even if he’s not even trying, he portrays himself in such a great way, it’s…

It’s so, like… you just get pulled into his choreography and you get pulled into his music, and it’s really cool to see, and it’s… I try to like, incorporate that into my own programs, but he’s like, he’s in his own world, like, it’s so… I’m trying to pick out little things, but… it’s hard to become Patrick Chan, I guess.

Making Headlines in Japan

Patrick on the Fuji TV sports page:

January 28 Hamilton FANFit Challenge

Patrick appeared at the Hamilton FANFIT Challenge and posed with fans both old and young:

Post Nationals Update

I found another practice video on YouTube that included a still of Patrick with the kids from another angle!

A Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year “card” I created for Patrick:

He will do well in the year of the rooster!

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