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Patrick Chan News Roundup, 6/24/16

Here I thought this would be a quiet week of Patrick Chan news. However, it turns out quite a few people shared their Patrick sightings on social media! In case you didn’t catch them, here’s a summary of Pchiddy happenings:

Eric Radford shares a “Chiddyism”

A big thanks to Eric for sharing, but since he didn’t provide much detail, naturally my imagination went wild and the first thing that I thought of was that they were sitting somewhere at a restaurant having breakfast, when someone sitting at a table near them started choking and required the Heimlich maneuver. Afterwards Pchiddy chewed more carefully and made his sardonic observation…

Or… perhaps they were sitting in the same restaurant when a hoity-toity customer with three elaborately groomed poodles came in. They bumped a waiter, causing him/her to drop a plate of roast beef/ fried chicken/ turkey legs/ liver and onions/ steak on the floor, and the dogs went after the food. One of them choked on the meat and thereby inspired a wide-eyed Pchiddy to say his memorable trendsetting piece of wisdom.

Just kidding! I’m sure as soon as Patrick got to the end of his sentence, he was already wondering why things just didn’t sound quite right, and uproarious laughter from his friends followed after he said the word “eat.” Perhaps Eric quickly took out his phone and calmly quoted Patrick word for word on Twitter. Did Patrick protest? Nah, he must have been flattered. After all, he did retweet Eric. Still, I can picture him trying to grab Eric’s phone, with Eric evading him… Anyway, I hope Eric the comic shares more Chiddyisms with us this summer!

Patrick at the Canadian Sport Institute on Thursday

Patrick was spotted at the CSI in Ontario, getting fed and fit! Take a look at the photo shared by dietitian and sports nutritionist Nicole Springle, who caught Patrick making a banana and almond butter smoothie using a Magic Bullet blender. Now we know Patrick likes almond butter! I do too, and it’s a great source of protein. Yum!

Notice that the two clocks on the red wall behind Patrick have Toronto and I believe Pyeongchang time on them. It’s a countdown! Oh, and Patrick always looks good against red, of course.

Imagine being able to work out next to Patrick and take a selfie with him afterwards! That’s exactly what boxing champion Mandy Bujold did, and I thank her for sharing this with us. They may have been working toward different fitness goals, but I’m sure it was nice for Patrick to have some company!

Another athlete who took a so-called “sweaty selfie” with Patrick was beach volleyball player Melissa Humana-Paredes. Patrick is well-liked by other Canadian athletes!

Other Fan Shares

According to this fan, her mom is now “forever jealous” – not because she ditched school, but because she got to meet Patrick a couple of years ago. What a great photo, and I love Patrick’s signed hat!

Upcoming Show Performance – The Ice 2016

Patrick’s next show is The Ice 2016 in Osaka, Japan. Advertisements for the show are now in Japanese newspapers. Do you see his photo there?

For more information on the show and tickets, go to their website.

2016 Skate Canada International

While Patrick has not yet been officially confirmed to appear at Skate Canada International in Mississauga this year, he said last Saturday that he would probably be there. Being last year’s champion, he is of course, pictured on the event’s promotional banner. Tickets for the event are now on sale at Ticketmaster. I expect that a lot of his fans will attend to support him!

That’s it for this week’s Patrick Chan news roundup! We’ll see what happens in the life of Pchiddy next week. Have a fun and fit weekend, all!


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