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There’s a freshly cut red rose on this old hymn book. The music is open at “Where is my Wandering Boy?” and also “Give Me thy Heart.” Underneath you see the tuning pins, felts and keyboard of the grand piano.
“Rose on Music Book on Piano” {{PD-US}}

Since I heard that Patrick hasn’t decided yet what music he will skate to next season, I polled several fans for their ideas and suggestions. A big “thank you” to those of you who responded to my request via Twitter and on Golden Skate Forums. The most important thing that I want for Patrick is for him to skate to music that highlights his strengths and bring out the best in him.

From the fans I received very general to very specific suggestions, which I will try to organize below (in no particular order), with my comments.

General Music Suggestions

“Nice violin music…”

“I love him… with classical music in particular. I hope that he will select mainly violin or piano [music].”

“He usually skates to classical music, so I’d like to see him skate to more contemporary music.”

“I love his Coldplay EXs so something along pop rock/piano rock.”

“Any songs by [Korean singer] Rain.”
My note: This might be a good choice for the Pyeongchang Olympics!

“I loved his Escualo EX so I want see him skate to some tango again.”
My note: Several fans like the Escualo program and wouldn’t mind seeing Patrick make it his short program.

Specific Music Suggestions

“Astor Piazolla’s Oblivion.”

“‘Introduction et Rondo capriccioso en la mineur‘ by Saint-Saëns.”

“The Four Seasons”… with RV.297(Winter)2 Largo… [added].”

“The Barber [Agnus Dei] is one of my favourites. I wish skaters (Patrick) would use it.”

Very romantic piano pieces such as the “Warsaw Concerto” and the “Cornish Rhapsody“.

Ravel’s Piano Concerto 2nd Movement (2017 LP)
Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony 1st Movement (victory LP music for 2018)

Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise for 2018 SP
Goldfrapp’s Lovely Head for 2017 SP (to show I can find something that is not classical)

My Choices

What would I like to see Patrick skate to? I mentioned before that William Joseph’s Piano Fantasy might work well because it has a fast, energetic tempo, then a slow, emotionally poignant section in the middle, and it ends on that same fast tempo as in the first part of the piece. Sorry, dear classical purists, but I also like The Piano Guys and would love to see Patrick skate to one of their pieces.

In general, I think Patrick does better in competition with instrumental pieces. I think he should reserve the songs with lyrics for exhibitions and shows. So below is my broad wish list:

Short programs: Instrumental piece from any of the following genres: Jazz, Broadway, Opera, crossover, fusion, contemporary original composition.

Free Programs: Traditional classical instrumental pieces.

Update 6/30/16: With Patrick’s announcement that he will be skating his free program to Eric Radford’s original composition, A Journey, I reverse my two preferences above. Earlier this year, when discussing what type of music Patrick should skate to next year, I had mentioned on Golden Skate Forums that perhaps he could skate to an original composition by a Canadian composer, but we weren’t sure who that might be. I am so pleased that the composer is none other than Patrick’s close friend and fellow skater.

Exhibitions: Since Patrick has taken hip hop classes, I would love to see him do an exhibition program using hip hop, electronica or some other type of fast contemporary music. For the Pyeongchang Olympics, a K-Pop song might be appropriate.

That’s it for this round of musical suggestions. How about you? What would you like to see Patrick skate to? Leave a comment below!

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