2017 Photochans

2016 Photochans

Ever since Patrick posted this image of him against a green screen, we fans just couldn’t help but have fun “photoshopping” him into different situations – hence, the “photochan” was born, as detailed in my fan art post.

But this wasn’t the first time a fan had photoshopped Patrick before. Following is my collection of photoshopped fan art, or “photochans”, with the latest ones on top. The ones from Imgur are all done by Blueberryhill.

Pchiddy Blackbird Kandinsky Lunapic
Pchiddy Blackbird Kandinsky using Lunapic, by Viv (PCSkatingFan).

Blueberryhill Usain 9-3-16
Patrick racing against Usain Bolt, by Blueberryhill

Blueberryhill Space 9-2-16
Patrick in Space, by Blueberryhill