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Updated: Patrick Chan Fan Art Gallery, September 3, 2016

Patrick Chan photo fan art filtered by LunaPic's Kandinsky Art effect
“Patrick Chan and Blackbird”.
(Photo via @Pchiddy, fan art by Viv using LunaPic’s Kandinsky Art effect.)

Patrick made his appearance at Skate Canada’s High Performance Camp earlier this week, and the flurry of news that followed generated several photos of him. He posted one of them below, which quickly inspired a fun fan photo editing contest!

This green screen capture was naturally a boon for us fans who got creative with it. The first fan to do a photo edit (as far as I know) was Blueberryhill of Golden Skate Forums, who posted this image of Pchiddy “out of this world”!

Blueberryhill Space 9-2-16

I followed (after staying up way past my bedtime) with this one, which relates to my last post where I said I pictured Patrick bringing a blackbird and four sows (piglets) to Finland with him. I am grateful that some fans thought it was funny. 🙂

Pchiddy Finland Humorous 600

The “Photoshop contest”, as I called it, was on! Next, fan Laurilla posted this one of Pchiddy competing against Simone Biles at the Rio Olympics. That background color cleverly hides any remaining pixels of green screen outlining Pchiddy. Now, why didn’t I think of that before? Note: Laurilla has now named these creations “photochans”, and I will add to it by saying that we’re having a blast “photochanning”!

Her friend and fellow fan Calica created this one of Patrick jumping on a trampoline in someone’s back yard. Now, I’m sure that he would fearlessly win any aerial competition!

Calica’s friend Rocio Rugiada Pink also got in creative mode and had Patrick playing soccer, another sport that I’m sure he would be good at. After all, he is a multi-talented athlete!

Blueberryhill followed with another depiction of Pchiddy at the Rio Olympics, this time racing against the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt in the 4×100 metre relay, haha!

Blueberryhill Usain 9-3-16

Rocio came back with this storybook tale of Little Red Chiddy Riding Hood going to his grandmother’s house. I’m sure that the Big Bad Wolf was no match for our hero wearing his favorite color, red!

Since Patrick is skating to “Blackbird” by The Beatles for his short program this season, I wanted to depict him flying, so I tried my hand at making a simple animation of him soaring high into the skies (with his blackbird, of course). Here is the result:

Later, by accident I came across this Kandinsky Art effect on LunaPic when I was playing with the image, and the result was totally unexpected and delightful!

Pchiddy Blackbird Kandinsky Lunapic

Blueberryhill created yet another photochan, where retired gymnast McKayla Maroney was clearly unhappy that super-cheerful Patrick (who looked like he ought to be singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”) had a better floor routine than she did.

And here is another one of her productions, Patrick on a piano!

And she created this one of Patrick running on the beach with a dog!

More creations by Blueberryhill:

Of course, in the end this green screen photo will be used by Skate Canada for a good official purpose, I’m sure. But I believe that we, his devoted fans, would instantly recognize it and know where it came from. In the meantime, I hope Patrick doesn’t mind us amusing ourselves. Much thanks to fan 4everchan, who served as contest judge and gave us all 10s for our efforts. Hurray!

All Pchiddy fans, did you join in on the photo editing fun? I will be adding to this post as I find more fan art based on this picture of Patrick. Comment below or let me know if you want to add to the collection here!






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