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Patrick Chan News Update, September 10, 2017

Last updated: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

After High Performance Camp last week, what happened next? Patrick showed us how he has fun with his friends!


September 11: Golden Skate Interview with Mike Slipchuk

Ted Flett interviewed Mike Slipchuk, who talked a little bit about Patrick (transcript below):


Ted: So Patrick Chan is now going into his second season now with Marina Zoueva at the helm, and there was more shifting last season in between… do you think that’s more settled and will give him more confidence and strength and consistency going in?

Mike: Yeah, and again, that was second year back after taking the time off, but… it’s a good environment, good system… He’s… looks good this summer. You know, again, he’s been through this, this will be his third games. Marina has been through this many a times, and Oleg, who is a part of… Oleg, who is the other coach on the team, like it’s a good system there, and… I always say with the athletes, if they feel good in the environment they’re in, and they enjoy coming every day, they’re going to perform well. And I think that’s the key, and it’s been a good… you know, I think it’s pretty much been a good year, and they really picked up and he had a good season last year, so we’re looking for that to continue.


September 10: Skating Faux Fashion Week

I think they were having fun at the expense of New York Fashion Week, but what do I know?

Of course, I had to capture screenshots of one of the models. Maybe that tank top was a souvenir from his California trip?


September 8: An Evening at the Royal Ontario Museum

Yep, not only did Patrick enjoy some culture and drinks at an ROM Summer Friday outing in Toronto, he took a nice pic with a starstruck lookalike fan. What fun! (Click on photo to see the Instagram comments.)

Starstruck at the ROM @pchan31

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September 7: Visiting with Old and New Friends
Tasty Spanish Dinner

Patrick joined Javier Fernandez, Sonia Lafuente and other friends for a Spanish paella dinner!

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Another Spanish night with some extra special guests 💃🏻

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✨Nights that turned into mornings & friends that turned into family 💫💖

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Cricket Club Skate

Patrick made an appearance at Toronto’s Cricket Club, where he posed for a photo with the skaters there, including Yuzuru Hanyu!


September 6: TSN Feature

Patrick shot a TSN feature at Port Carling, Ontario with Alex Anthony and Matthew Scianitti. He looked calm and tranquil on the water… I can’t wait to see this!

September 5: Friends in a Tub

What era were these six intrepid time travelers hoping to travel to?

Hot Tub Time Machine

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It’s nice to see Patrick having fun and bonding with teammates before the competitive pressure begins!


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