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Patrick Chan 2017 World Championships: Part 2

Last updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April 4: Patrick Thanks Helsinki

Nice photo of him with the other “uncle”, last year’s world champion Javier Fernandez. However, it would have been even more potent had they been wearing their similar-looking short program costumes… you know, the black ones with the suspenders?

On to the World Team Trophy in two weeks!

April 2: Worlds Banquet

At last! Patrick always looks great at these competition banquets, but he rarely wears formal black and white. Here’s a fantastic photo of him with South Korean ice dancer Yura Min!

Helsinki Worlds Banquet 2017 🇰🇷😍🇨🇦#helsinki2017

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Patrick was so sweet to say happy birthday to his fan Bea (courtesy of Michael Christian Martinez)! Read my past interview with Bea here!

And of course, MCM had to take selfies with Patrick and the other skaters!

Patrick also received the gift of a panda from Russian fans!

These mischievous guys…

More photos of the skaters together:

See the other photos here!

Summary of Achievements

My summary of his achievements this season… he’s accomplished more than he ever imagined!

April 2: Exhibition Gala

Unfortunately, for the first time in years, Patrick was not invited to participate in the exhibition gala, so we will not be seeing his fun EX program. Watch his performance of “Sunday Morning’ from Four Continents here.

However, he did enjoy his time off, as shown in the photos below!

April 1: Free Skating Competition

Patrick skated a beautiful program, as always. Despite two jump mistakes, he floated a gorgeous quad salchow, his new quad jump (see GIF above) and stayed on his feet! Nothing could take away from the breathtaking serenity of his performance, and it communicated a certain peace and comfort to his audience.

Other Video Commentaries

Mandarin ELTA: (video)

Russian: (Video)

What Patrick Said About It

Patrick’s Message to the Fans

Hey everyone, it’s Patrick Chan here…just finished the long program here in Finland, Helsinki… happy with the performance, and I want to thank the fans for coming to watch… and the fans watching back home on TV. Thank you so much. We would… we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your support and your interest in our sport, so… continue watching.


Interview with Charlie White

Patrick: I mean, the quad sal in the program was better than my toes, and that’s my newest quad that I’ve been trying to work on this year, so… that was my goal coming into this event, was to attempt all three quads, rotate them, stay on my feet, not let my body touch the ice, and… I think I did pretty well in that challenge. Of course, I achieved my goals at maybe 85 percent capacity instead of maybe 100 percent, which is necessary today with all the other men’s skating… So I’m happy with my personal achievements.

Patrick: The exciting part about figure skating is that it’s unpredictable. Every event, you never know what can happen. Some… good things and bad things will happen, so if you can stay in the mix of the top guys, top five men, you have a chance to win it all, right? So, maybe that will happen at the Olympics, maybe that will happen at Worlds or Grand Prix Final, but all I can do is keep challenging myself with that sense of relief, yes, that pressure kind of off my shoulders now, not being at the top spot all the time. So I get to have fun while I’m at it.

Charlie: And I think in the sense that you are able to enjoy yourself out on the ice. I think that definitely you’re fighting, you’re trying but at the same time, you’re still you. And that’s what so many of your fans appreciate about you, so many skating fans. Talk about what it means to be able to bring that kind of excitement into the fans’ lives, who, you know without them, we have nothing.

Patrick: I mean, I’ve been doing competing at this level, or skating just skating for 20 years now. So, I gotta find a way to enjoy it, ’cause it gets real tough and frustrating. So if I can be in the changing room with Javi and Nathan and laugh and just have a good time before the six-minute warmup, then I already am enjoying the process more than I ever have before, so… that’s my challenge and my goal, actually… other than, of course, the being on the ice part, but I want to have fun and enjoy the process, ’cause it’s not gonna last much longer.


Interview with Lori Ewing
Patrick talked about his growth as a person and a skater this season (article). I’m very proud of him!

I was very upset last year because I had set myself up for failure. I put a lot a pressure to prove something to other people, as opposed to proving to myself.

My approach today was to forget everything that’s going on around me, forget how Yuzu [Hanyu] skated or anybody else before me and just put out what I can put out. And I got off the ice with a smile. . . this is a process for next year, leading up to the Olympics.

Fourth quad in the long? …I’m not like some of these guys who just roll out of bed and do it. I have to be a little more methodical. That’s just the type of athlete I am, my build, my genetics, I just need to be smart. I can’t let myself get carried away with what the other guys are doing and conform myself to their style, if that makes sense.

Comments on His Training
In an AP sports article, Patrick discussed how much his training has changed because of the quad revolution in the sport.

Big jumps mean extra injury risk, so Chan and his rivals increasingly train less but smarter.

“My body can’t keep up, my legs start feeling heavy, they don’t recover fast enough,” Chan said. “It’s like 60 percent, 70 percent recovery-focused now, my training. It used to be 70 percent physical training, on-ice training, off-ice training. So I kind of had to flip the page.”

Other Video Clips

Patrick chatting with Yuzuru about the upcoming World Team Trophy competition in the green room. See a translation of their conversation here.

Patrick's beautiful FSSp & StSq✨ I was really really impressed with his performance. It was an unbelievably beautiful performance✨ 個人的にはPさんの演技に一番感動しましたし引き込まれました😭ミスがありメダルはないけれど一番美しくて心に残ったのはPさんの演技だと思います!言葉にならないぐらい美しかったです! 4サルコウ、前から普通に跳べてました余裕ですっていうぐらい美しくて✨ ステップは涙なしでは見れませんでした😭😭初めて見たときから大好きなプロ✨こんなにも素晴らしい曲を作ってくれたラドフォードと美しいスケートと共に感動を与えてくれたパトリック、本当にありがとう✨😭 #patrickchan #figureskating #beautiful #worlds2017 #helsinki #ajourney #figureskater #finland

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Here’s what commentators said about Patrick in this Japanese television video of Worlds (Patrick appears at 2:04). Thanks to Interspectator for the link and translations!

C1. Though he missed a three-peat this time… well Patrick Chan had originally, the 3-peat, and Fernandez-Senshu was going for it this time, the quality of their programs, and in Fernandez’ case he was really good in practice. Honda and I discussed, ‘If he goes like this, it’ll be difficult to beat’ but at the competition, perhaps the draw affected him. The effect of having to go last. (show’s Fernandez making a face at the Draw)
Y. Not to mention, Hanyu-Senshu did THAT performance first, it had an effect on the athletes going afterwards.
C1. Yes. And this season, skaters placing 1-3 will skate 4-6th (in their groups) and it depends, but I think it showed that this system can put a lot of pressure on the skater at the top.
C1. And about Patrick Chan, I want to tell about his wonderful skating, but it’s difficult to find the right words, but Daisuke Takahashi, who was there to commentate, said something that made me go ‘I see!’
‘it’s the skating that makes you hear birdsong.’ –he said.
Y. Ah, I see!
C1. I said, ah, of course, it’s like that! And though, results-wise, it’s a regrettable result, the wonderful short, and how he melts into his skating, is so fascinating. Well, there are so many protagonists, I can’t talk about them all.
Y. The men’s was a wonderful battle, seen to our hearts content, which increases what we can look forward to next season.
C1. Since this is the year before the Olympics, looking forward to how will things shape themselves.

Free Skate Event Photos

Patrick after men's FP. Il est sympa!! #patrickchan

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Patrick Chan after his FP!

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After Men's FP on Apr. 1st! #patrickchan

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#helsinki2017 #patrickchan

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For a moment, his TES was over 100… it ended up being 98.11…


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Not sure when these photos were taken…

@skate_canada #patrickchan#figureskate#figureskater#figureskating#javierfernandez

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6-Minute Warmup

Шикарная фотография 😻 @helsinki2017 The last group of men are warming up! Who will be crowned the World Champion? How many more quads will we see? Stay tuned! #helsinki2017 #worldfigure #skatingfinland #YuzuruHanyu #ЮзуруХаню #ЛюбимыйЮзуру #羽生結弦 #ЮзуМногоНеБывает #JavierFernandez #ХавьерФернандес #JavierFernández #SuperJavi #VamosJavi #JFteam #teamOrser #teamBrian #cricketbrothers #ShomaUno #宇野昌磨 #NathanChen #PatrickChan #BoyangJin #worlds2017

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Free Skate Practice

March 31: Practice Day

Jackie Wong of Rocker Skating compiled his practice notes here.

What Patrick Said: Can He Still Win in a World of Quads?
Patrick: This is the deciding point, I think, for figure skating, where we see… are style skaters going to be extinct? Are we never going to have those types of skaters anymore? I don’t know, because we’re leaning very quickly and very heavily on substance skaters now.

I’m not saying one is better than the other, but it’s all about how many rotations and how many you can do in one program, and that’s just the direction that the sport is going in. That’s what the judges want. There’s no matter how amazing of a program I skate and how intuitive and how into it I am, it won’t make up the points that a quad toe or a quad flip will make. You know, quad lutz triple toe is like, 20 points. 20 points is already half the components in the long program, right?

So yeah, it’s just changing. It’s just changing and changing fast, very fast. So we’re going into the unknown, but I’m so proud to be from an era of style, very style-based, with Jeffrey Buttle and Stephane Lambiel… I can name a bunch, to now, I’m still in the current world of now a more substance world of figure skating. For me, that’s awesome.

You know, Four Continents coming fourth didn’t bother me because I knew that I was still competitive enough to be in this current substance world, which I never imagined I could keep up in… I always just believed that I was very much a more style skater, and it is my strength, but if I can learn a little bit from these skaters in this new world, I think that’s a benefit for me.

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