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Patrick Chan Post-Finlandia Media Roundup

Last updated: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The 2016 Finlandia Trophy event produced a torrent of photos, videos, and news media that continued to accumulate after Patrick won silver. Here is a summary of what was not included in my Finlandia Trophy Roundup. All in all, I think Patrick is in a really good place with his new coaching team and skating “family” in Canton!

News articles
But I will never change anything that happened because Kathy has taught me so much about things beyond skating, about being a man, about how to be independent. She pushed me in the right direction to be a good person, and to find myself really, and to do it properly.

Chan says his past with Johnson, and future with Zoueva is recipe for success

Being a competitor in skating is a lot more enjoyable for me now. I don’t know why. I leave my home, feeling motivated and excited to compete, which is a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time, because I’ve been competing for so many years.
Featured interview: Patrick Chan (CAN) – October 15, 2016

“The music is called ‘A Journey,’ and it’s actually a combination of two different pieces of music that Patrick had chosen,” Radford said. “When David came to me saying that Patrick was going to use my music, he had already structured the program and had already cut the music based on the ideas that I had given Patrick.
Duhamel, Radford share deep connection on, off ice

“So anything is possible, if the entire approach is reasonable, competently and with love. I’ve always been a fan of Patrick’s. He has contributed to the figure skating, followed him…” ~Google translation of article
Марина Зуева: Каждый день видеть, как катается Патрик Чан – счастье!

It was just circumstances. I worked in Canton with my coach Kathy Johnson on Marina’s ice. And when we parted with my coach Marina supported me a lot, even when she hasn’t been my coach yet. And I felt that this support can help me.
Marina Zueva: Chan and Chen

A unique program of premiere today in Espoo, Finland: the composer at the same time on the way home to Canada (Finnish article)

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Finlandia Event Videos
Finlandia Event Photos

Other Photos/Videos with Patrick

@siathisisacting and @miguel was UNREAL! Fun night with the coolest @jeanlucbaker @mattbmer @pchan31 👌🏼😊

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The Compliments!

What was your favorite Pchiddy moment at the Finlandia Trophy? What are you looking forward to at Skate Canada International? Stay tuned for my preview post!

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