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An Illustrated History of Patrick Chan’s Costumes

Last updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

*Updated – see below.* Now that questions about Patrick’s coaching team are settled, let’s turn our attention to another important topic: What will Patrick wear to the Finlandia competition? Fans are already discussing which colors will pair with his Blackbird and Journey programs. Whatever he wears, I don’t think we’ll see the final version of all of his costumes there. As last season demonstrated, Patrick’s costumes for both of his programs were works in progress. What I do know is that he won’t be wearing this.

I like Patrick’s “Esqualo” shirt, which is pictured on the header above this post. Another of my favorite costumes is the elegant black/gray shirt he wore for his “Elegie” short program. Somehow it looked like he was wearing an entire constellation of stars!

11-15-13 TEB Chan dreamstime_xl_35711499 1920x2916

Following is my attempt to catalog all of the costumes he’s worn at competitions and shows using mostly Getty Images slideshows, other photos, and videos (I did not include “group” costumes from shows or childhood costumes). I’m sure many longtime fans know quite a bit more history about these costumes than I do. Please feel free to comment or contribute your thoughts to this post!

2016-2017: Blackbird on a Journey

My predictions? Black pants and purple shirt for his short program (turned out to be all black – see below), and black pants plus blue/silver/gray for his long program. My predictions weren’t too far off – Patrick wore his old costume until the Grand Prix Final in December, when he debuted a blue/gray and red ombre top. Maybe he’ll keep the white t-shirt for his exhibition, as below. I will update this page as the season progresses.

“Dear Prudence/Blackbird” SP (2016)

“A Journey” LP (2016)

“Sunday Morning” EX (2016)
“Mack the Knife” EX (2016)
2015-2016: Modern Evolution

After taking time off from competition, Patrick wore a new style that was a radical departure from previous years. The costumes, said to be supplied by fashion retailer Uniqlo, prompted some observers to wonder why he was dressed like a man going to the gym. But the simple, unadorned pieces served to show off the wearer’s lines, and they kept Patrick warm without the need for a jacket in the kiss and cry.

“Mack the Knife” SP (2016)
“Mack the Knife” SP (2015)
Chopin LP (2015-2016)
Chopin LP (2015 Skate Canada only)
“Dear Prudence/Blackbird” EX (2014-2016)
“Mess Is Mine” EX (2014-2016)
“Esqualo” EX (2014-2016)

See Emi’s photos of “Esqualo” at the 2016 Stars On Ice (SOI) Toronto here.

Shirt Patterns (2016)

2014-2015: Gap Year

Patrick took a break from competition, but he continued to perform in shows and make appearances.

“Best of Me” EX


2013-2014: Fourth and Final Designer Season
“The Four Seasons” LP (2013-2014)
“Elegie in E Flat Minor” SP
“Steppin’ Out” EX (2014)
“Steppin’ Out” EX (2013 GPF)
“Steppin’ Out” EX (2013 SC and TEB)
Thornhill Summer Skate
2012-2013: Third Designer Season
World Team Trophy EX
“La Bohème” LP
“Elegie in E Flat Minor” SP
“I Need a Dollar” EX
“‘Til Kingdom Come” EX
“Passion” After Party at 2012 TIFF

Just wanted to throw this in here, even though it is not a costume…

2011-2012: Second Designer Season
“Concierto de Aranjuez” LP
“Take Five” SP
“Moondance” EX
“Elegie in E Flat Minor” EX
2010-2011: First Designer Season
“Phantasia” LP (2011 World Championships)
“Phantasia” LP (2010 Skate Canada)
“Take Five” SP
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” EX
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” EX (2010 Skate Canada)
Festa on Ice
“Tango de los Exilados” SP (2010)
“Tango de los Exilados” SP (2009)
“Phantasia” LP (2010 World Championships)
“Yesterday” EX (2010 Olympic Gala)
2009 Festa on Ice
“Tango de los Exilados” SP
Selections from Rachmaninoff LP
“Time to Say Goodbye” EX
Tan Dun Selections SP
“The Four Seasons” LP
“Nessun Dorma” EX
2006 and Earlier
“Selections” LP
“La Represion” SP
“Backdraft” FS
Your Turn

Of all the costumes Patrick has ever worn, what are your favorites? What do you think he will wear this season? Did I miss anything here? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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