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One of the lesser-known things about Patrick is how many little fans he has, and how much he loves them. When I tried to compile a page of photos of him and the young ones, I only managed to get to 2013, but I will keep digging as far back as I can, because these pics are just adorable! Plus, I believe Patrick could use the power of good memories to help him weather this challenging time in his career. Below are select photos of him with the kids. For the rest, go here.

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Sharing Olympic Silver

Patrick has been very generous to let kids of all ages and abilities touch and hold his prize(s) from the 2014 Sochi Olympics:

The Tiniest Fans

The stereotype of single young men is that they are afraid to hold babies, but not only is Patrick quite adept at handling them, he hasn’t caused a single one to cry yet.

And even babies watch (and cheer) him on, heh:

Teaching Youngsters

Patrick frequently participates in events where he has the opportunity to interact with the next generation, teaching them physical education and skating skills. Here are a few examples:

Had a great time at the Seminar with #patrickchan group 1 boys #figureskating

A photo posted by CARSON CONSIGLIO (@carson_consiglio) on

Signing Autographs

Patrick has made many children happy with his autograph on paper, and they often surround him, eager for a signature.

He won’t eat your homework, but he’ll sign it!

Meet Him Anywhere

Patrick has stopped and obliged parents who wanted a photo of him with their kids, usually after competitions and shows. Below are some of my favorites.

From the Cornerbrook Show this year:

At the 2016 Canadian Nationals:

Inside or outside:

Sophia with Patrick Chan!

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Hospitals and Charity Visits

Patrick makes regular trips to children’s hospitals and the Ronald McDonald Houses to visit children with special needs. Here are some moments from his visits.

Videos of Patrick with Kids (and being kid-like)

Gray’s Interview in French:

Interview with Megan in English:

2011 homecoming video:

Patrick was on a kid’s show once:

And he loves to play video games, even though he didn’t know Minecraft very well here…

Pchiddy’s Cheering Squad

Just like his adult fans, Patrick’s little cheerleaders make banners and pictures to show their love for him and his skating. Here are a few examples:

When Patrick Was a Child

And of course, grown up Patrick at the playground:

Wasn’t that fun? See all of the photos I’ve collected so far of Patrick with his little fans here. See additional photos of young Patrick here.

What is your favorite photo of Patrick as a child? Or with his kid fans? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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