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Patrick Chan News 6/13/16

Skate Canada announces national team; Patrick performs at the Detroit Skating Club’s Annual Ice Show

Skate Canada announced the Canadian 2016-2017 National Team, and it was no surprise that their champion Patrick was at the top of the list. The appointment started retroactively at the beginning of this month and extends until the end of April, 2017.

Meanwhile, Patrick skated really well at the Detroit Skating Club’s 2016 Ice Show.

Yes, there was that slip behind the curtain, but he didn’t miss a beat and kept going until that super spin at the end. Just breathtaking!

That third jump in his Mack the Knife program also gave Patrick trouble when he performed it earlier for other shows. Back in April of this year when he performed it at Cornerbrook, NL, I believe he fell on the same jump and got right back up and continued on in the same way (sorry, the video that was posted is no longer available). But these are good learning experiences for him, to be able to make a mistake during a performance and keep going as if that mistake had never occurred. They will benefit Patrick when he brings them into his competitive performances.

Patrick may be performing this program one last time at The Ice 2016 in Japan, and I hope that his final performance is a good one. Good luck and keep going, Patrick!

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