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Patrick’s Official Websites Official Website: Facebook: Patrick’s Facebook Page Instagram: Patrick’s Instagram Page Twitter: Patrick’s Twitter Page YouTube: Patrick’s YouTube Channel   Other Fan Forums and Sites Golden Skate Forums Fanfest: Patrick Chan Fan Fest Instagram’s patrick.chan.fanpage: This is an Instagram fan page run by three other American fans. FS Universe Fan Forum Thread: […]


Patrick has won several off-ice awards for his accomplishments, including the following:   2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal Jean Lumb Award, 15th Anniversary Commemorative Award for Outstanding Achievement Lauréat Prix John Ralston Saul: Article | Video   2011 Lou Marsh Award (Toronto Star), most outstanding athlete of the year Lionel Conacher award (Canadian Press’ Canadian […]

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  Facts Full Name: Patrick Lewis Wai-Kuan Chan (English) / 陳偉群 (Chinese) Nickname: Pchiddy Occupation: Figure skater, elite athlete Birthdate: December 31, 1990 Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse Birthplace: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada High School: École secondaire Étienne-Brûlé in Toronto, Ontario Scholar Height: 171 cm (5′ 7″) Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs.) Eye color: Brown Languages: English, […]


Awards Off-ice trophies, medals, and recognitions.   Biography The story of the amazing Patrick Chan.   Events and Appearances Patrick’s scheduled upcoming appearances.   Facts and Stats What you should know about Patrick and his achievements.   His Car(s) Patrick loves speed on land and on ice, and is a car enthusiast. More about his […]


© O. Besnard | Dreamstime Following is my whimsical version of Patrick’s biography. If you prefer a straightforward factual one, please see his ISU biography or his Canadian Olympic Team page or even his Wikipedia page.   nce upon a time in Canada, an ice prince named Patrick Lewis Wai-Kuan Chan was born into a […]